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    IANADOAC - Flac internet leak Glad to be useful. Thanks to everyone who shared material on this forum, and in particular to Famous When Dead for his kindness. Cheers from Italy.
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    The Smiths - Live At The G-Mex

    this is the compilation i'm talking about... Widescreen Anthology...
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    The Smiths - Live At The G-Mex

    Famous When Dead, excuse me if i abuse of your kindess... googling around i've just discover that you've created a wonderful thing called "Queen Is Dead Tour Widescreen Anthology"... is there any chance to take a look or download this wonder? thank you! :)
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    The Smiths - Live At The G-Mex

    You're the living kindness! Thank You very much!
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    The Smiths - Live At The G-Mex

    Flac version someone, please? Smithstorrents seems dead... :( thank you in advance for your kindness.
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    List of Morrissey's missing rarities

    you are right. i've revisited the original post. thank you very much!
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    Article: "Kit" (full version) and "It's Hard To Walk Tall When You're Small" (different version) - m

    Re: Here's the treats this one is the full, pristine and unmuffled version of the previously released cut, low quality and muffled leak! :)
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    List of Morrissey's missing rarities

    According to several well known sources, here's the list of missing (for the general public) rarities. The tracks marked with a * are 100% in possession of a limited circles of collectors, the rest, according to sources, are known (or highly supposed) to exist. I take this opportunity to say...
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    unreleased 2014 7" front covers (not really)

    just found this one on a Greek market site and this one too on the same site
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    Morrissey Oct. 7, 2015 Teatro Augusteo, Napoli (AUD Master) Morrissey Teatro Augusteo, Napoli, Italia 07th October 2015 Source: Iphone > Nero Burning Rom > Foobar 2000 > FLAC recorded by Me (Silvertears 75) from the lower circle of the theater in a central position by a 202...
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    The Smiths complete studio recording sessions

    Did I forgot something? every help will be appreciated! (infos mostly taken from PJLM and various sources on the web) 05/06.1982 Manchester, Johnny Marr's House (Johnny Marr) The Hand That Rocks The Cradle home demo - unreleased Don't Blow Your Own Horn home demo - unreleased...
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    "The Smiths And Morrissey Legacy Reissue Series" (April 2014, via Passions Just Like Mine)

    Re: Article: "The Smiths And Morrissey Legacy Reissue Series" (April 2014, via Passions Just Like Mi Me Too, please!
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    Morrissey Kit
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    Just One Song "You Must Please Remember"

    the "great excluded" (the only song from 1988-1997 not included on compilations and reissues). thank you!
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    If you could never hear TWO solo albums again...

    uhm... Kill Uncle for sure... i don't like it too much... for the second... maybe Maladjusted. instead, if i could pick just one album to take with me on a desert island... for sure it will be Southpaw Grammar!
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    November Spawned A Monster (Coachella 1999) - MP3 (here for you)

    dear friends, i've noticed that no one have ever shared the only tracks officially released from the "Oye Estaban" tour... oh well, this one's for you! hope someone appreciate. see ya at the next request! :D
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