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    May I recommend this band and their album, which can be found fully streamable at: Quality listening for fans of really rather dark, brooding, melancholic electronica. Have a good 'un!
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    Gary Numan: Manchester Academy 5 Sep 08

    Well looking forward to this! The thread title should read 05/09/08...
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    Chatting in Spring-Heeled Jim

    I've always been intrigued by the two cockney blokes chatting in this, one of my favourite Moz tunes. What is the relevance of it to the song and its overall meaning? Cheers
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    Worst song off the 8 studio albums?

    Viva - Margaret On The Guillotine Uncle - Found Found Found Arsenal - I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday Vauxhall - More You Ignore Me Southpaw - Southpaw Maladjusted - Papa Jack Quarry - Come Back To Camden Ringleader - On The Streets I Ran That was much easier than the other two rating...
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    Question about versions of 'I'd Love To'

    Hi all Having recently discovered via Passions that the version of 'I'd Love To' on 'My Early Burglary Years' is different to the one included on the centenary rerelease of 'Viva Hate', (I've got the centenary one) could anyone tell me the differences? I'd be wonderfully grateful :)
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    Question about versions of 'Sunny'

    Hi all As mentioned in my thread about Striptease with a Difference, I downloaded the ZIP file that I linked to in that thread. Due to having no other version of 'Sunny', I wasn't sure if it was a demo or not 'cause the other tracks that had all been released were demoes. I listened to the...
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    Striptease With A Difference?

    Hi all I downloaded the ZIP file that was linked from this thread: And according to Passions the version of SWAD is a studio outtake... I would really greatly appreciate it if a very kind Solo user could post the other version for...
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    Question about the Troy Tate album on akiraware

    Hi guys, in the book 'Songs That Saved Your Life' by Simon Goddard it says that "many of the popular internet bootlegs of the Troy Tate album stem from unfinished mixes missing their final overdubs, and are a great disservice to the finished master." Anyone know if this is the case with the...
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    Request: 'Some Girls...' from the last Smiths gig - Brixton Academy 12/12/86

    Anyone got this anywhere, or know where I can get it? As the only time the Smiths ever played one of my favourite songs live, I really want it! Ta muchly :D
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    Who is Bedders?

    The bassist on Kill Uncle that is...
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    Request for the studio versions of these Moz/Smiths songs?

    Jeane Ganglord Is It Really So Strange? (well the Bombs version) Sweet and Tender Hooligan (Bombs version) Pregnant For The Last Time Boxers Sheila Take A Bow Nobody Loves Us Lost Jack the Ripper Much thanks in advance!
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    iTunes help?

    Anyone a dab hand at iTunes Store help? I downloaded one song fine, it works great, but I try a couple more and I can't download them after purchasing - it says I don't have enough access privileges for the operation. Anyone have any idea?
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    'Seasick...' on 'Beethoven...'

    Carrying on from my JtR on BwD thread, here are some more musings. I never really liked the studio version of Seasick... but the one on Beethoven is so good! The guitars have a much nicer tone, the studio ones are too tingy (I think I made that word up) and Morrissey absolutely howls the vocals...
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    Wonderful Woman?

    Although I know the latest thread is requesting What Do You See In Him?, I'd really like a download of WW... Polite request please!
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    'Jack the Ripper' on 'Beethoven...'

    Anyone know why the crowd starts screaming at that little thing he says (something something I am very lazy)? Is there any significance to it relating to the song? I also love the way he says I am very lazy, but unfortunately I can't remember the first line which seems to have more screaming :)
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    The irritating nature of b-sides

    Studio albums give songs identity. They're collections of songs that you feel you can group together, you can compare with each other. But b-sides don't fit anywhere. And when you get a good b-side, it feels like it should fit somewhere. Also, the way that once singles stop being sold by high...
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    Favourite Morrissey song to fall asleep to?

    Listening to my iPod before going to sleep the other night I stumbled across 'I'd Love To', and I just found it so ridiculously beautiful, particularly at such a peaceful time as waiting to go to sleep. So I was just wondering which tune you other Moz-soloites reckon would send you to sleep...
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    Quick question regarding the Moz/Smiths Top 100...

    This may sound silly, but how many, if any, songs out of the 232 haven't been released?
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    Best Moz cover art?

    What's your favourite Morrissey artwork from his solo albums? Just been contemplating them recently and my personal favourite is Kill Uncle. It just shows off his quiff so well! Apologies if this has been discussed recently.
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    Monumentally hard task but...

    could you pick out your absolute favourite Morrissey solo track, ever? Just to try and get away from this great NME row and think about what a guy he really is! Still being a relative newcomer to the wonder of Moz, I only have Viva Hate, Vauxhall, You Are the Quarry, Bona Drag on CD and Your...
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