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  1. moiaussi

    Free ticket to show in Montclair tonight

    So I'm too sick to drive down there. :( I doubt I can sell it at this point from where I am. So, if anyone wants it, and you have a way to get it, just let me know. It's yours. I live in Ithaca, NY. -moiaussi
  2. moiaussi

    NY special discount offer

    Does anyone know the special discount offer password for NY? GREATESTHITS doesn't work. Very grateful if anyone knows it.
  3. moiaussi

    Hotel sharing in LA

    I'm flying in to LA for the Oct 13th show, and I found a room nearby, but it's a bit pricey for one person, and it has two beds. If anyone (reasonably sane) is interested in sharing a hotel, PM me!
  4. moiaussi

    Security at Palladium

    What's the deal with security at the Palladium? I've heard it's quite strict. I'm flying in to LAX and likely won't be able to check into my hotel until after the show (because check-in is at 3pm and I'm lining up before then). So, will I be able to bring my purse in? I've heard they won't...
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