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    "America Is Not The World"

    I´m curious to know what the Americans here think of this song? Especially the lyrics. Do you consider it an attack on you personally? I´ve always viewed it as an attack on the current administration. I made the mistake of quoting the "If the U.S.A doesn´t bomb you"-part on another forum in...
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    University Of Liverpool, Liverpool - 14 March 1984

    I hope I´m not breaking any rules that I don´t know of by uploading this here in mp3s. Apologies if this is the case. I merely want to offer this as a thanks to Drifter, Cossy and others who have shared here. I´m sure no-one trades mp3s - these are just for personal use. Anyway, here goes...
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    Game of "Maladjusted"

    I guess another game won´t hurt :-) This works just like the other ones. I´m curious to find out if the "winners" (top3) of these games have scored high on that poll this forum regarding all Morrissey and Smiths´ songs. I don´t think this album is as bad as people say - there are a couple of...
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    Why no tours till 1991?

    I´m still new to the world of Morrissey so sorry if this has already been discussed.... I was wondering does anyone know why Morrissey didn´t start touring before 1991? I mean solo, of course he toured with the Smiths :-) Between December 12, 1986 and April 27, 1991, there was only that one gig...
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    I´m just sick of "Morrissey is racist"-talk

    Sorry about venting here, but on the message board of another artist I mentioned being a fan of Morrissey´s and someone called him a "SELF-CONFESSED fascist and racist"! Good Lord! I´m just sick of this view of Morrissey. I know this has been discussed plenty but it just makes me feel bad.
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    Game of "Southpaw Grammar"

    3rd game....I´ve been listening to this one a lot lately. Each song has 20 points to start with. Then add 1 point to a song you like and take 1 point from a song you don´t like so much. 1 vote per day. The teachers are afraid.... 20 Reader meet author 20 The boy racer...
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    Game of "Vauxhall and I"

    The same rules as in the game of "Viva Hate." At the start all the songs have 20 points. Then you add 1 point to the song you like and take 1 point from the song you don´t like (so much :-) The next voter continues from your post (copypaste the previous post). One vote per day. It´s difficult to...
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    Game of "Viva Hate"

    I don´t know if this has been done on this forum (got this from a forum of another artist)...We start off by giving each of "Viva Hate"´s songs 20 points and then give a point for one you like while taking a point from a song you don´t like. You can do this once a day, not more times than that...
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    Drifter! Help!

    Sorry about the overly dramatic title :-) Anyway, on your wonderful website you have listed the Smiths´ March 29, 1985 Northampton, Derngate Centre show but the link is that of Blackpool Sept. 4, 2004. Any chance you have that Northampton show uploaded somewhere? Thank you very much.
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    Best sounding Smiths bootlegs

    I´ve only been getting into live recordings from Morrissey and Smiths this year and would like to hear the opinions of those who have been collecting them for a longer time. Thanks to this great forum and Drifter´s site, I already have 28.08.86 Laguna Hills, 12.12.86 London, 4.5.84 Hamburg...
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    rock am ring 2006

    Could someone please post the Rock am Ring, June 2, 2006 show (soundboard?) on any other download service than Megaupload? Megaupload doesn´t work for me at all. I have nothing to offer but my gratitude in return.
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