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    The Queen Is Dead 30th anniversary exhibition

    Hey Everyone, We're hosting our very first exhibition, in celebration of the 30th anniversary of The Queen Is Dead. We will be presenting over 50 original artefacts, including one very special surprise piece that is sure to conjure up fond memories for anyone fortunate enough to have seen The...
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    Article: HMV exclusive limited gold vinyl pressings of "Viva Hate","Your Arsenal" and "Vauxhall & I"

    UPDATE June 8: Morran sends the link: Viva Hate, Your Arsenal, and Vauxhall And I: Limited-edition vinyl pressings to be available in the UK on 20 June - UPDATE June 7: Uncleskinny posted the image (link to tweet by @hmvtweets from Roberto Ferdenzi): In an article from...
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    Meat Is Murder Promo Stickers, French What Difference Does It Make?, Strangeways Promo Poster

    Hi Everyone, Letting go of a few extras from my collection. Please have a look and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! Meat Is Murder Promotional Sticker Set What Difference Does It...
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    Strangeways Promo Poster Without "Distributed By The Cartel"

    I have a Strangeways 12x23 promo poster and everything about it looks authentic except that it does not say "Distributed By The Cartel" anywhere. I think I remember reading something on PJLM about it possibly being an authentic release from a country other than the UK but I'm not sure. Anyone...
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