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  1. Tommy Robinson's Quiff

    Will Morrissey write a song about Alex Jones?

    It's quite clear he listens to him and Jone's ban on virtually all social media will have made him mad. Opines?
  2. Tommy Robinson's Quiff

    How many gay encounters has Morrissey actually had?

    We know about the boxer guy, we hear rumours about his pre-Smiths days. On a count of 1 to 10 how many do you think? And, has he entered...:brows::brows: :love::tiphat:
  3. Tommy Robinson's Quiff

    It's so hot I'm melting

    How are other Mozzers surviving this heatwave?? NO POLITICS :brows::brows:
  4. Tommy Robinson's Quiff

    Has anybody got any footage of Andy's heroin phase on tape?

    Like the Irish tour when he was all strung out on stage playing his bass all f***ed upped?
  5. Tommy Robinson's Quiff

    Who was lucky enough to be at this gig?

    This kind of concert will never happen again, ever!! If you 'touched' a person on stage you'd get done for whiplash :brows: Gannon should have become his real friend. His playing was BRILLANT on the songs he recorded... LOVE THE TELLING SMILES!!:D
  6. Tommy Robinson's Quiff

    What does the 'rest of the world' think about Morrissey's politics?

    Are they just music fans? And don't give a frig? Or don't believe our FAKE shit arse Media?? Opines?
  7. Tommy Robinson's Quiff

    How much money has Moz actually made? 2018

    With his recent outbursts, which have obviously impacted, is he so loaded that he no longer cares? His band and entourage need paying which must be a tiresome burden. I doubt he would just shit on them all, he really seems to like Boz and crew who in turn rely on him to buy burritos, rent, cars...
  8. Tommy Robinson's Quiff

    Next anti Moz 'celeb' to attack him? Moz sweepstake

    Bono? Some random washed up 80's DJ, your plumber? Cue bass player from Inspiral Carpets :squiffy: Drummer from Nappy Mondays :blushing: Bloke who pot washed at Hacienda :rolleyes: The list could become endless WHO DO YOU THINK WILL CRAWL OUT OF THE CUCK WOOD AND JUMP ON THE NME GUARDIAN...
  9. Tommy Robinson's Quiff

    We all knew his take on immigration - so why the hate now?

    Morrissey Bengali, Bengali Bengali, Bengali No no no He does not want to depress you Oh no no no no no He only wants to impress you Oh... Bengali in platforms He only wants to embrace your culture And to be your friend forever Forever Bengali, Bengali Bengali, Bengali Oh, shelve your Western...
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