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    For sale: signed 'Autobiography' from 2013 + Peepholism

    FOR SALE (together OR individually) x1 - Signed MORRISSEY 'Autobiography' won in competition at Waterstones (Deansgate, Manchester) in December 2013 (I can provide an image from on the day of purchase, if this helps verify). Perfect condition, has been stored securely in container since 2013...
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    Bradford (Morrissey covered 'Skin Storm) album re-issue

    "After thirty years out of print, ‘Shouting Quietly’ by Bradford – a lost English indie classic produced by Stephen Street and hailed by Morrissey (who covered one of the album’s tracks, ‘Skin Storm’) – is being reissued this week by Turntable Friend Records. Bradford, formed in Blackburn in the...
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    'Low In High School' Louder Than War in depth review “Without ever having been particularly left-wing” wrote Alan Bennett three years ago, “I am happy never to have trod that dreary safari from left to right which generally comes with age, a trip writers in...
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    The Star and Garter: Sat 11th October "Let's Make This Precious"

    Saturday 11th October at the Star and Garter - proud home of the Morrissey and Smiths Disco and the annual Moz Army meet.... "Let's Make This Precious" begins after a succesful run at Gullivers in the Northern Quarter. It's £3 on the door before 11.30pm. Expect to hear: Morrissey, the...
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    "Let's Make This Precious" at Gullivers (MCR) Fri 22nd Aug - Morrissey, Motown, Bowie...

    This Friday at Gulliver's it's "Let's Make This Precious" - soul, girl groups, indie and post-punk amongst other things. There's a lot of Morrissey and Smiths, and because it's bank holiday weekend it's only £1 in for the whole night. What we do is: Lots of soul (Motown, Stax, Northern)...
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    Let's Make This Precious - club night in Manchester (Gullivers, Oldham St)

    This Friday at Gulliver's it's "Let's Make This Precious" - indie, soul, 60s girl groups, glam, punk. There's a lot of Morrissey and Smiths, we'll definitely be playing a few tracks off 'World Peace...' this Friday I should think too. £1 in before 11.30pm, £2 in after - and we are fortunate...
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    New Manchester night that plays lots of Moz/Smiths "Let's Make This Precious" @ Gullivers

    New night in Manchester, we ran last month and it was great, usually on fourth Friday of the month but due to Glasto commitments it's on a Wednesday night this time. We play loads of Moz and Smiths amongst quite a bit of soul.
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    First review 'World Peace is None of Your Business' LOUDER THAN WAR

    LTW first review of the new Morrissey single by Fergal Kinney "...Make no mistake, this isn’t a track to light up Radio 2 in the way that “I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris” or “First of the Gang to Die” have previously done, but it is a potent return that paves the way for a hugely...
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    "Let's Make This Precious" Gullivers May 23rd indie/soul/punk/glam/girl groups

    New night starting at Gulliver's in Manchester (the upstairs bit), we play Morrissey (not just the Smiths like many indie nights) along with all sorts more! Begins Friday May 23rd for just £1, in June it's on Wednesday 18th then from July onwards it's the fourth friday of every month. SOUL &...
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    Revisiting "Your Arsenal" at Louder Than War

    "It isn't all Chicory Tip and Dr Martens..."
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    FOR SALE - Morrissey 'Autobiography' SIGNED This is a SIGNED first edition paperback of Morrissey's "Autobiography" on Penguin Classics. It was won by myself on 20th December 2013 in a competition that the Deansgate, Manchester branch of...
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    For Sale - 'Your Arsenal' PROMO CD/DVD set w/Press Release Mint ENDS TONIGHT
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    Signed Morrissey "Autobiography" For Sale (Based in Manchester)

    Won one of the signed Morrissey books in Manchester, Deansgate Waterstones. Decided to sell it as, much as I love Moz, I could completely do with the money. Big signature, looks great. Pictures tow, but does anyone have any offers for purchase? Serious contenders only. Will post worldwide or...
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    Louder Than War review of 'Autobiography'

    Be warned, contains spoilers. F.
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    Stephen Street: "I put Pete (Doherty) up there with Morrissey, I really do" “I’ve worked with some great vocalists and great lyricists” explains Stephen Street, “and everyone mentions Morrissey when it comes to my past but I put Pete up there with him, I really do.”
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    x1 Morrissey 25:Live at Manchester Cornerhouse ticket, cheap

    Hi, I work in Manchester city centre and I can't make Moz 25:Live at Cornerhouse on Monday night anymore so I've a ticket for grabs. I only want £4 for it, which is half face value, I just don't want to waste it really. I'll be in town today (24th) and tomorrow (25th) so if you want it text me...
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    Kill Uncle re-appraisal at Louder Than War

    Morrissey ‘Kill Uncle’ re issue – in depth review and think piece by Fergal Kinney - Louder Than War
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    Liam Fray (The Courteeners) on Morrissey situation - Louder Than War

    Full interview here “The press have never really gone for us but you know, they don’t like Morrissey either! When we toured with Morrissey, we saw people travelling around to every one of us his gigs going across 17...
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    Want to buy a Morrissey poster

    Alright, Moving to a new house and I'm after a Moz poster for it. All the ones on eBay are a bit bland and crap, does anyone have a good or interesting or uninteresting Morrissey poster for sale? All the best F
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