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    MOZ in Chicago - Whos going?

    Thanks for the information, Corrissey. I've wondered whether Lucky Number Grill was related to 950 -- good to know -- that was my hang out back in the day after I was banned from Exit for being underage. I really love the Handsome Devilz but Reggies is such a trek from the Congress that I...
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    MOZ in Chicago - Whos going?

    For pre-show I’m sticking with the original plan of Revolution Brewery. The only after party that I know of is at Reggies -- they even have a free shuttle bus from the Congress.
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    Chicago is Postponed

    I live only a couple of blocks from the Congress so my only issue is having to wait for another month. I feel bad for those that have/are making the trip from out of town. Hopefully those of you can still make your visit to this great city enjoyable.
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    MOZ in Chicago - Whos going?
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    What did make you smile today?

    Wasn't sure what category this would fall under and I did not find it posted elsewhere -- but it made me smile.
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    MOZ in Chicago - Whos going?

    If no other options become available for pre-show meet ups may I suggest Revolution Brewing (2323 N. Milwaukee). Other than the many Mexican restaurants in the vicinity this is about the closest pub/bar type place -- it does not show on google street view. Personally I wouldn't mind a Diggity...
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