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    Australia, I Love You!

    I went on a two-week vacation/holiday to Melbourne, Australia at the end of September, and I must say that I adored it! :love: I could easily see myself moving to Oz, and being very happy there! Just some of the wonderful things that the Land Down Under has given us (please feel free to...
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    Vote in the Shelter Challenge!

    The Animal Rescue Site is affiliated with The Hunger Site, and they both operate on the same idea: click buttons to donate money (for hungry people in the case of The Hunger Site, to animal rescue organizations in the case of The Animal Rescue Site). Right now, until the end of July, The...
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    In Praise of "The List"

    My boyfriend and I went to the Chicago show yesterday, and we had a blast. :) I think that my boyfriend was officially converted...he even bought a Morrissey T-shirt for himself after the show! :thumb: Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised when I got to the queue at about 1:30 yesterday...
  4. Disappointed

    My Terrible Experience at the Aragon

    This is what happened to me at the Morrissey concert last night at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. I just wanted to get this unfair treatment off of my chest. I was very sick, but, nevertheless, I got into the line and waited for a good spot in the crowd. This was my very first Morrissey...
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