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  1. TheYoungest

    Google got it right!

    Came across this while having a pointless argument with the roommate. Have to say, I like the cut of their jib...
  2. TheYoungest

    Smiths Reunion Setlist

    Ok, here's a bit of fun... Imagine - against all the odds - that Morrissey and Marr announce a 'Smiths reunion' (no Mike or Andy) at the end of the year. One show, in Manchester. What do you think they play? And why? I'll start: Hand in Glove Panic The Headmaster Ritual William, It...
  3. TheYoungest

    Interesting Reddit AMA with Holocaust Survivor and Animal Rights/Vegan Activist Dr. Alex Hershaft

    I think this is very interesting. Fascinating connection to the Moz, in that Dr. Hershaft answers a question about comparisons between the Holocaust and the meat industry... Very interesting to see someone who was actually involved in the Holocaust offer their perspective. This is what I've...
  4. TheYoungest

    Update 'The Moz/Smiths Top 100'

    Back when I was a 'lurker', I remember seeing the huge collection of polls Houdini started to determine the 'top 100' songs written by Morrissey. The initial list included every song up until That's How People Grow Up (2008), and it was later updated to include everything up to Swords...
  5. TheYoungest

    Mike Joyce's 'plea' for Smiths reunion

    UPDATE 9:30 AM PT: Mike Joyce reply to article posted by Uncleskinny: Mike has posted this on Facebook... "The article that was in The Sun's Bizarre column today is now a header on MSN too. So, let's straighten a few things out. I was called by a journalist from The Independent to talk about...
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