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    Ewan McGregor & Craig Ferguson

    Wow, i've just found this thread... This is fab! Those two should go into stand-up together. Craig no longer sounds like a Glaswegian though - he sounds like a teuchter. You folk in the US are really lucky to have Craig - we miss him in Scotland, send him back home and ask him to...
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    What's Everyone Reading At The Moment?

    The Orton Diaries (Joe Orton, Ed John Lahr) A real page turner!
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    Song title game

    A Wish Away - The Wonder Stuff :thumb:
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    The OFFICIAL Manchester City F.C Thread

    I bequeath to you my one and only football joke… Q. How do you keep cool at a football match? A. Stand next to a fan. …No Boo’s from the terrace please… yes I did get it out of a cracker!
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    Morrissey - the new Viz character

    Brilliant - if you can't laugh at Viz, what can you laugh at!
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    vegetarian trying to go vegan please help

    Re: vegetarian trying to go vegan...please help I've been vegan for 18 years (and i get the B12 deficiency injections to prove it- although i started getting them at school after 7 or so years of vegetarianism! Hmm).... anyway, i think the only way to do it is to KNOW that you are just not...
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    The OFFICIAL Manchester City F.C Thread

    This is not dissension in the ranks, honest - merely great interest. What is the appeal of football?
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    Kelis rejects PETA demands to stop wearing fur

    Don't know who she is, but violence truly begets violence and i'm sure if i met her, i'd never get tired shouting abuse at her.... nah, i'd probably just say something nasty under my breath and get my face punched by her entourage for the privilege. There's never an excuse for killing...
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    Song title game

    Caught In My Shadow - The Wonder Stuff
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    Coachella 2010 Line-Up Announced

    would love to have seen Public Image Ltd - they played Glasgow recently, but typically, i was in London at the time for a different gig! Doh!
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    Morrissey symposium feature article

    Looked like great fun. Was Gavin Hopps there? - i liked his Pageant of His Bleeding Heart book.
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    The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 245: ONE DAY GOODBYE WILL BE FAREWELL

    I gave it a 7. Lyrically not splendid, but the sentiment's quite rudely awakening. Forgive the smelly lyric! I do think it's a stonkingly good track live... it's quite in the style of Marc and the Mambas 'Torment and Toreros' album. I like it! Wendy
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    Bauhaus/Peter Murphy

    If you live in Glasgow - visit the cats protection league on dumbarton road.. i've just handed in a load of bauhaus/peter murphy/dali's car/love & rockets/japan cd's to them. can give post you gotham dvd if you want? Wendy
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    Dublin, National Stadium 23rd November added

    You may call them 'little old ladies' but when it comes to bingo, they're pros! You'd have had no chance!
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    Dublin, National Stadium 23rd November added

    Hey, i couldn't have been paying any attention to Mozz on the night cause i didn't notice the heart on his back - it's so sweet. They are terrific pictures. Particularly love the bingo one! Did you play? W
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    Dublin, National Stadium 23rd November added

    Dan - did i barter with you over a shirt cuff? If yes, many many thanks for your tolerance and generosity! If Moz plays in Glasgow again - you are most welcome to kip at my partners house. I am forever in your debt. Wendy
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    Best venues to see Morrissey

    Having just seen Morrissey at the National Stadium in Dublin (and probably still experiencing a recency effect), i feel compelled to revise my 'best venue' to reflect the recent experience. National Stadium was crackingly good - best so far! :thumb:
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    Dublin, National Stadium 23rd November added

    Oh, you are a star! Thanks.
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    Dublin, National Stadium 23rd November added

    Hey - thanks to the Dublin locals for the info on busses, bikes and booze... sorry to labour the foreigner in Dublin issue, but can you recommend ANY vegan food facilities. I've only just realised that i'll actually need nourishment of the body whilst in your lovely city (get nourishment of the...
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    What do you think Morrissey or Johnny are worth?

    he'd be better off waiting tables than surviving on a Professorial salary. Good job he has the royalties coming in!
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