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    Hilarious Smiths convention reference in DMode fan film

    Hilarious? Says who? Says me. It always got the biggest laugh the few times this has been shown. FINALLY UP ONLINE! BLASPHEMOUS PARKING LOT 1998 Depeche Mode Convention film
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    Sing Your Life instrumental/karaoke track?

    I thought this as good a place as ever to try to locate this. We run one of the only karaoke nights on earth (definitely in America) where the Smiths and Moz get sung TONS. We have all of the commercially released tracks but also network with other karaoke folks into lesser known stuff, some...
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    San Diego afterparty: More Morrissey Than Thou karaoke contest

    After Moz's Symphony Hall show, Too Cool For Karaoke celebrates our 2nd anniversary. Since our very first night (only eight people) was a Smiths night, Moz is one of our most sung folks and he's in town, how can we NOT do our third More Morrissey Than Thou contest!? The winner will get two...
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    More Morrissey Than Thou karaoke contest in San Diego

    Last December, we started our anti-karaoke night with a Smiths contest and a whopping 8 people showed up. Since then, it's grown so much that it's now one of the biggest karaoke nights in San Diego (definitely the most talked about). The Smiths & Moz are always some of the most sung stuff, no...
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    San Diego karaoke night premieres with Morrissey contest

    SING GOOD SONGS (BADLY)! SING BAD SONGS FOR CHARITY! NOMINATE, ELECT & BAN SONGS! NIGHTLY MIDNIGHT CONTESTS! 1st & 3rd Sunday of every month COVER ME BADD presents TOO COOL FOR KARAOKE PREMIERES: Sunday December 2nd & 16th 2007 9pm KAVA LOUNGE (rock the same stage Cobain, Corgan and...
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    Moz vs. Axl, who's cut short more shows?

    I'm not saying it's a bad thing to cut shows short. I just want to know who's winning. Maybe someone can crosspost on a GnR board so we can get an accurate number? There's too many ridiculous Axl youtube clips to post.... Soundcheck wackiness...
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    A history of Smiths mini-reunions (2 or more Smiths onstage)

    Curious about 'em. Joyce & Rourke both played on some early Morrissey songs, right? Onstage too besides Top of the Pops vid: Anything else or was this short-lived? Rourke & Joyce worked with Aziz Ibrahim. Live shows or just recording? Marr &...
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    Johnny Marr in Talking Heads' Nothing But Flowers video

    SUPERCOOL vid of Talking Heads' "Nothing But Flowers" with Johnny....
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    Johnny Marr w/Simple Minds, Pretenders, Bryan Ferry

    Any footage up online? Youtube had a clip of JM w/Simple Minds at a Mandella concert at Wembley but it's down. I remember seeing him with Bryan Ferry on SNL many moons ago and my mom saying that Ferry looked like he was in pain. Never heard/seen anything about the shows he did with the...
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    Morrissey vs The Cure in the press

    I seem to recall reading both of 'em talkin' smack many moons ago. Anyone got any good quotes?
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    Next Sunday's San Diego show

    I'm biased but next Sunday's Bayside show could be the prettiest of the tour. The view of the bay is pretty darn cool. When I saw Death Cab with Spoon & Mates of State there last year, it reminded me why I love living in San Diego so much with the sun setting on a beautiful, clear night. I...
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    Official unofficial San Diego afterparty w/world's greatest Smiths live mashups

    Official unofficial Morrissey afterparty w/Blasphemous Guitars' Moz mashups, 80's metal, Joe Jackson & more June 3 2007 at The Casbah 2501 Kettner Blvd, San Diego, 92101 (only a mile or so from the Moz show) Cost : 7 ($5 with Morrissey concert stub) DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY! Thousands of...
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    Do you think Anna Nicole Smith ever heard of the Smiths?

    Just curious. I could see some of those old black & white photos of hers being on the cover of a Smiths single...
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