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    When do listen to Morrissey?

    Well, the caveat is that I usually listen to Morrissey on the MP3, with headphones, while on public transit. So, I suppose that means I am isolated and listening in my own world, despite being very much in public, so I don't know which to put.
  2. J

    Morrissey-solo is now MorrisseyLoversUnited

    Sounds like the name of a sexually deviant counter-culture, if you ask me. NAMBLA, anyone?;)
  3. J

    "The Queen Is Dead" #7 Best Album of the 80's in Rolling Stone Reader's poll

    I will say this, though... I would have liked an REM album on there, perhaps Life's Rich Pageant or Green; those are great albums. Also, I took a dig at Madonna earlier and I will admit that the album with Borderline, Open Your Heart, etc; and/or Like A Prayer are good listens and are iconic...
  4. J

    "The Queen Is Dead" #7 Best Album of the 80's in Rolling Stone Reader's poll

    and not a Madonna album in sight! I will say that that list is pretty solid. I actually like EVERY artist on it.
  5. J

    Which song would you like to see live? Part II

    Why do people want to hear morose droners like Michael's Bones or Lifeguard Sleeping? Those have their places on albums, but I want some action at a concert. I don't want to just stand there, pensive, and luxuriate in the voice. How about "Nobody Loves Us"? Has that one ever been played? I have...
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    Should Morrissey ditch The First of the Gang to Die from setlist?

    Artists usually do not put out enduring hits in the later stages of their careers, as much of the songs from a performer's third decade (and later) either come out tired and flat, or pay a weak homage to days gone by. Although it's been more than seven years since its release, to know that...
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