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  1. Agamemnon

    ‘England Is Mine’ poster, in cinemas Aug. 4 - NME

    Madonna. MDNA. 2012. The album on which Alain Whyte as a credit for the song 'Love Spent'.
  2. Agamemnon

    Tilburg - 013 (Mar. 29, 2015) post-show

    I already couldn't believe he dared to do it last tuesday, but a week after, he still sings the world is full of crashing bores given what's on the news. Charming.
  3. Agamemnon

    Warsaw - Stodola (Nov. 19, 2014) post-show

    Yeah he didn't 'turn up', cause he was kinda... dead. What a diva, right? to use his death as an excuse not to do a series of concerts...
  4. Agamemnon

    General site operation thread

    Re: Article: Identification of Bradley Steyn - davidt wrote : Here is some very recent evidence: On this site, in the thread following the show in Denver, CO (May 17, 2014) : Someone (an ANONYMOUS of course...) explicitely wrote down the full name of a french fan they...
  5. Agamemnon

    Istanbul 7" single on HMV Japan (release date Sept 2014)

    Some funny fellas on '' ... When clicking on the previous link given by Stoned, you can notice they refered to Kiss Me A Lot by Kiss NME A Lot...
  6. Agamemnon

    Denver, CO - Ellie Caulkins Opera House (May 17, 2014) post-show

    According to some, stupidity isn't human. It's french. And you are SO proving it by saying so.
  7. Agamemnon

    "World Peace Is None Of Your Business" info and tracklisting (July 2014) -

    "KICK THE BRIDE DOWN THE AISLE" made me think of Kate Middleton right away ! Would it be some ranting on the so-called Royals ? And "EARTH IS THE LONELIEST PLANET" is a sadly beautiful claim.
  8. Agamemnon

    Troy Tate Rehearsal (Pablo Cuckoo)

    Hi everyone, I made some high res artwork according to the one seen in the original You Tube video. For those of you who still burn CDs (...i do...). I think the front sleeve design was originally made by Alf Button as a flyer for those "Malajusted" parties. Download the files here (they...
  9. Agamemnon

    Kevin Cummins exhibition of Morrissey & Smiths photos, Manchester 7 Mar- 7 April 2013

    Re: Kevin Cummins exhibition of Morrissey & Smiths photos, Manchester 7 Mar- 7 April after all,... there :
  10. Agamemnon

    Kevin Cummins exhibition of Morrissey & Smiths photos, Manchester 7 Mar- 7 April 2013

    It obviously would have made a great cover for the 'Kill Uncle' reissue. Better than what has been *cough* designed.
  11. Agamemnon

    More cowbell on "Alsatian Cousin" from remastered "Viva Hate"?

    It was me I forgot to log in, Do I look like Megan ? :
  12. Agamemnon

    Swords Re-appreciation

    I agree with Skylarker, as far as I'm concerned, I listen to that record with a different order in the sequencing : I just put the tracks in the order in which they were released as b-sides. So the record starts with the B-sides for 'Irish blood, english heart', and ends with those of 'I'm...
  13. Agamemnon

    2012 : The End for Morrissey ?

    I'm really wondering if he's currently ending is carreer : He said he stopped looking for a record deal = he gave up releasing new music. He's massively touring (since june 2011), and keeps on adding dates, and he's going to places he didn't go for a while (japan, south america, i think he...
  14. Agamemnon

    Kill Uncle Re-Issue Artwork Thread

    and Vauxhall And I : Although the original back image, with the hands on the chest with the '1oz' necklace was perfect in my opinion !! The picture for the sleeve was already very charismatic, i wouldn't change it too much. But at least a neat version of that pic, not a poorly printed one...
  15. Agamemnon

    Kill Uncle Re-Issue Artwork Thread

    Hi y'all. I don't think it's necessary to completely change the artwork. You can do something new using the original photoshoot, therefore respecting the original spirit. Like the Bona Drag re-issue. (For Southpaw Grammar it was a great idea to completely change though !). So anyway, here's my...
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