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  1. durutti

    Jah Division: dub versions of Joy Division

    i like it...!!!! thank you for letting us know!
  2. durutti

    England, my country, the home of the free

    SUNDAYS are a group i started listening to back in highschool and havent stopped ever since. I have a strange connection with their songs, no matter how many times you hear them you can never get bored of them or feel like they are old... to my knowledge after harriet became a mother (of 3??)...
  3. durutti

    Happy Birthday Morrissey!

    XRONIA POLLA MOZAKO! (in greek:p)
  4. durutti

    Bands discovered on MySpace who aren't actually too bad

    KETS sound very nice too!!! I am downloading all their songs from my space. If you have any other suggestions i am all EARS!
  5. durutti

    diana dors DIANA DORS - SWINGIN' DORS
  6. durutti

    Bands discovered on MySpace who aren't actually too bad

    i am talking abt THE TWILIGHT SAD though your teacher is not that bad...
  7. durutti

    Bands discovered on MySpace who aren't actually too bad

    THANK YOU for introducing this band to me! For the last 3 days i keep listening to their songs over and over... They are great! :)
  8. durutti

    Anyone here been to Cyprus?

    I 've been to Cyprus twice. You should visit by all means Agia Napa (beautiful beaches and luxury hotels for really wealthy people) and Limassol (LAIKI GEITONIA). Before you go try to learn about the recent history of the island. The cypriots have suffered a lot ... First being a British...
  9. durutti

    Song Title Game

    Word Up - Cameo
  10. durutti

    Kristeen Young - your thoughts on her and her music

    I couldn't have said it better. I have the exact feelings plus - as i have mentioned before in another thread- i am certain she is copying dresden dolls, she is influenced by siouxsie and kate bush, she isn't producing something of her own. She gets lost in "receipes".
  11. durutti

    Song Title Game

    Love Song - The Cure
  12. durutti

    Song Title Game

    Christmas Song - Aislers Set
  13. durutti

    Song Title Game

    Last Goodbye - Jeff Buckley
  14. durutti

    Song Title Game

    With Or Without You - U2
  15. durutti

    Song Title Game

    Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division
  16. durutti

    Song Title Game

    There's No Other Way - Blur
  17. durutti

    Song Title Game

    Time Is On My Side - Rolling Stones
  18. durutti

    question for the meat-eaters here

    if i was to meet morrissey not only would i eat EVERYTHING he wanted me to (even brocolli and cauliflower!) but i would also go sky diving, bungee jumping etc (you get my point?) now, seriously, on our first DATE (!) i would go to a vegetarians place. However i will let him know that i am a...
  19. durutti

    The odd old book thread

    How cuuuute!! I read them ALL! Now I know I have to regularly wash my hair (once a week!) because people like girls with clean, fresh hair...
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