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  1. Chickpea

    Morrissey cancellations by the numbers

    Using Passions Just Like Mine as a reference, I put together a tally of all of the shows Morrissey has announced versus played since 1988. Results are skewed against successful completion of a date, since I counted shows which were rescheduled as cancellations. Concerts which were rescheduled...
  2. Chickpea

    ALO! (Serbian tabloid) mentions skin cancer rumor

    Re: Skin cancer rumour Without even clicking the link... What does endlessly speculating about what illnesses Morrissey may or may not have accomplish? Nothing. If he wants to divulge anything, he will. Otherwise, it's all just people talking to make themselves feel like they know things they...
  3. Chickpea

    Boy George tweet

    What in the world is this about now? Are we about to get another announcement?
  4. Chickpea

    Sweetness + Joan of Arc shirts on sale

    I probably should have mentioned this earlier, but everything in my Society6 shop is $5 off with free worldwide shipping today: The shirts are American Apparel brand (ladies & unisex v-neck, short sleeve, and long-sleeve available) with opaque white silkscreened...
  5. Chickpea

    Morrissey interview in Vogue Turkey focused on gender roles, sex and love

    Interview by Zülâl Kalkandelen of Vegan Logic for Vogue Turkey: MORRISSEY: "YOUR REAL HOME IS YOUR BODY – NOT YOUR HOUSE OR YOUR APARTMENT!" - Vegan Logic It is a pleasure for me to interview the one and only Morrissey for the third time. This time, I conducted this interview for Vogue Turkey...
  6. Chickpea

    The Chameleons thread

    I couldn't find a non-archived thread about the Chameleons, so I'll start a new one! Any fans here? Easily one of my top 5 all-time favorite bands for many years now—in all of their associated projects and various incarnations. I just received an email notification that their remastered Peel...
  7. Chickpea

    Johnny Marr NYC shows

    All in all, a great show. I love going to see Johnny live—like I said in another thread yesterday, he's full of energy and he's having a great time on stage. The audience loves him. Fun, fun, fun! Regardless of how you feel about him singing Smiths songs, you can't deny that the guy puts...
  8. Chickpea

    Johnny Marr plays on new Bryan Ferry song with Nile Rodgers

    "I did the keyboards and Johnny Marr's playing the guitar. Then you hear Nile Rodgers enter on the chorus. Marcus Miller's playing the bass. I'm very happy with the way it turned out. I tend to start the thing on piano first. I do the sketch on piano. Normally, at home. Then I bring it to...
  9. Chickpea

    Deleted/Jake portions of "Autobiography" reinstated for US paperback edition

    Re: Deleted/Jake portions of Autobiography reinstated for US paperback edition Was it really just three sentences that were removed? I didn't read the US edition, but I was under the impression that Jake had been removed from it completely—including the outing with Chrissie Hynde, etc.
  10. Chickpea

    Morrissey statement on Cat & Fiddle closing

    Post from Morrissey on True To You: The earth dies screaming - 23 October 2014 A large part of me dies at news that the pillowy bosom of the Cat And Fiddle is to close down on December 15th, making the universe all wrong. A beacon of light will soon be a headstone, and where...
  11. Chickpea

    'Arena Homme +' #42 ~ Winter/Spring 2015: 'Memphis Morrissey'

    Oh, hello. What year are these photos from? 1999? Funny that they'd be in a magazine as a feature so many years later.
  12. Chickpea

    Joan Rivers statement on TTY

    Also, since I'm sure Joan's past love of fur will come up in about 10 seconds, this piece Dan Matthews from PETA wrote for HuffPo is worth sharing... Joan Rivers' Animal Evolution:
  13. Chickpea

    Patti Smith

    I couldn't find an existing Patti Smith thread, so here's a new one! Patti is doing her usual end-of-year NYC shows at Webster Hall in December. Tickets go on sale for both shows this Friday. December 29...
  14. Chickpea

    'This Charming Charlie' creator offers Morrissey a record deal

    Lauren LoPrete, the genius behind 'This Charming Charlie' (which we know Morrissey likes) runs a record label. She has posted a message to Morrissey inviting him to join the roster at Loglady Records: Dear Morrissey, Just like you, I too can be intensely persistent. I’m sorry to hear about...
  15. Chickpea

    The Smiths' very first press release from Rough Trade - @vivahate72

    "The sexes have allowed themselves to be too different." Morrissey is nothing if not consistent! Sometimes I forget how very, very young three of them were at the time.
  16. Chickpea

    Echo & the Bunnymen on Letterman - August 21st

    Just saw this on Slicing Up Eyeballs...
  17. Chickpea

    Cure lineups

    Which Cure lineup was/is the best? Discuss. For reference:
  18. Chickpea

    'Where's Morrissey?'

    I came across this clipping from 1997 while cleaning out a closet today. No memory of where it's from (NME, maybe?), but in light of all the recent discussion about chart positions, I thought I'd share. The more things change, etc., etc.
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