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  1. kat

    If Morrissey were a "famous"...

    would this all even matter?
  2. kat

    Morrissey and George MIchael???!!!

    Not sure if anyone has posted this one before... this is fun.......
  3. kat

    once more a plea....

    I've been looking for the boot of Morrissey's show in Tucson May 31 2007 at the Music Hall. I've searched the forums here and the other download sites but alas, i have found nothing. If anyone has this and would be willing to share I would be ever so grateful. Thanks again, kat
  4. kat

    anyone got natalie merchant's cover.....

    of everday is like sunday? that would be the coolest, kat
  5. kat

    Morrissey buys hover/flying car

    A few years back a remember seeing on the title page an article regarding Morrissey buying a hover/flying car. A search of the archives however turned up nothing. Does anyone else remember this or was it another of those really bad dreams? If anyone out there can help me sort out my reality I...
  6. kat

    a quest for morrissey gifs

    I'm looking for Morrissey gifs. I know of the site but was wondering if there are anymore out there. Thanks kindly, kat p.s. looked through archive already all links are dead or at least quite limp...
  7. kat

    the nme interview.........

    Sorry if this has been asked before but can anyone post this "interview" or link to it. I went on the eNeMEy site but couldn't navigate :( hmmm... kindly, kat
  8. kat

    tucson 2007.......

    anyone have a boot or vid from this show? I was there front center and actually gave Morrissey a copy of Albert Goldman's "Elvis"... which of course, he had already read. I would greatly appreciate anything of the sort. Cheers to you all, kat
  9. kat

    req tucson 2007

    Simply asking once more does anyone have a bootleg for the show at Arizona Music Hall?
  10. kat

    boots or vids from tucson gig

    Has anyone got any of these? I was there front and center and had the time of my life. I would really love to relive it, so if anyone has anything I would be more than grateful if they were to share. Thanks in advance, kat
  11. kat


    What a bunch of crybabies! Listen, there is no better person that connects with their audience more than Morrissey! I have had my limit of idiots that cannot understand that! Buy the single! The album! Share the rest, but for the love of all that used to be holy, get off the cross...
  12. kat

    i threw up last night.....

    and fell out of bed once.
  13. kat

    have you ever noticed?...... much these forums really do suck?
  14. kat


    I miss the old forum..........
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