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  1. boyvoyeur

    THPGU on itunes??

    Is anybody aware as to whther the new single is going to be on there. At the minute the video is available, but not the song!
  2. boyvoyeur

    What happened to "Doves"??

    i liked this band, but aint heard anything by them in ages and the website seems to be closed down..... any knowledge?
  3. boyvoyeur

    My photographs, moz themed titles.

    Hello there I have started a myspace page dedicated to my photographs. I'd love fellow moz fans to have a look and tell me what you think. I have given some of the pictures moz inspired titles.:) so yeah have a butchers and lemme know x
  4. boyvoyeur

    NF disco

    soooo glad moz is playing this again!
  5. boyvoyeur

    song for stephen!

    when i was younger i wrote this song. it's an ode to morrissey! it basically mentions how i fealt and how morrissey helped me at that time, because i was NOT alone and he made me realise that. maybe a few of you out there can relate to the lyrics...... or maybe you'll hate it haha i hav'nt...
  6. boyvoyeur


    has anybody got any pics of moz's old mate "jake"??? i know they were frineds around the time of "your arsenal" and i've always been intruiged as to what he looked like.
  7. boyvoyeur


    any other fans here?? they were simply amazing!
  8. boyvoyeur

    Gene: good or bad??

    what do fellow moz fans think, for ages i hated Gene for the simple reason that i thoght they were sooo plagiaristic.... but i heard a full album of theirs and realised that despite being really similar to moz's sound, they had some brilliant songs! what do you think???
  9. boyvoyeur

    grimsby gig 2006... help please?

    Hello i was wondering if people had any liks to pics and footage from the grimsby gig this year. it was one of the gigs i managed to get to and i was the sole stage invader at that gig! i would love footage, it would be great to have a recording of moz saying "man of the match" to me...
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