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  1. durutti

    Kristeen Young - Dresden Dolls

    Do you find any similarities? I am new to both of them, haven't heard more than 5 songs each. However i think they are very similar. Maybe Young is influenced by Dresden. If you listen to Dresden's Bad Habbit and Young's Kill the father, certain parts (especially the piano is the same!). I...
  2. durutti

    sacha distel videos?

    hi there, do you, by any chance have any Sacha Distel video(s) which you can upload?? preferably sth from his youth (he was pretty cute!) thank you P.S. "Sacha Distel", maybe you have sth....? Please have a look...
  3. durutti

    who is the singer on the opening video?

    Help! Does enybody know who is the singer who appears on the video opening Morrissey's concert???
  4. durutti

    who is the singer on the video?

    Help! Does anybody know who is the singer (actor?) on the video opening Morrissey concert???
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