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  1. Im Still Ill

    Automatic log out?

    What's with the automatic log out? Bank accounts, fair enough, if you haven't done anything for a while they log you out but it's getting quite annoying having to re-log in every 10 minutes! Any chance we could take this off?
  2. Im Still Ill

    Foo Fighters Question

    Does anyone know The Foo Fighters song with the video which is set in a classroom and Dave Grohl is singing to a girl at the end? Bit of a random question but i'm getting bored of searching Youtube for it.
  3. Im Still Ill

    My Poetry!!!!

    I decided last night that i would start sharing some of my poetry with the rest of the world! It's alot easier sharing it with random people (no offence). I realised that if other people didn't read it then in a strange kind of way it didn't really exist! I'd like to warn you now that i wrote...
  4. Im Still Ill

    When did Morrissey become happy?

    Over the last week or so i've been listening solely to Morrissey and i've gotta say i much prefer the unhappy Moz! (The Smiths days) I know my ability to write poetry goes out the window when im even remotely happy.
  5. Im Still Ill

    Could you die for Morrissey?

    If it was a case of you or Him, could you make that sacrifice? Sometimes i have days where listening to his music is the highlight of my day! He's the only person i've ever fallen in love with. I could.
  6. Im Still Ill

    If you could ask Morrissey one question...

    ...what would it be? I think i'd ask him how he resisted the temptation of suicide. I'd also tell him how eternally grateful i am to him for resisting.
  7. Im Still Ill

    Did Morrissey ever see Rourke and Joyce... anything more than the hired help, expendable employees there to help him get the job done?
  8. Im Still Ill

    Im the new boy

    Hello I dont usually go in for this online forum thing but after discovering this site (about 5 minutes ago) i simply had to join. I look forward to chatting to people who appreciate the great man as much as myself. I guess my first question is... Do you have to be depressed to fully...
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