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    Hartlepool:Pre Drinks

    Really looking forward to tonights gig. I was there in '99 (I think it was?). The Borough Hall is a fantastic, intimate little place for a WILD!! Mozza concert!! Wondering if any locals knew of a decent place for pre drinks. I know the Borough Hall in on the headland and quite a distance from...
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    Sunderland CD Artwork

    Designed and offered by Stevieduff, so all the credits to him for sharing it at Smithstorrents CD Case Cover (Front) CD Case Cover (Back) CD Cover Inlay (1) CD...
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    What's Hit you Today!!!

    ..Having listened to The Smiths/ Morrissey for over 27yrs it's often nice when you re-discover an old classic. Today, for me, that was Sweet and Tender Hooligan. Moz is so Violent yet with compassion, makes me laugh just how on earth he comes up with some lyrics. What gets to me though is how...
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    ..Youngest(LIVE-Grimsby 4th May 2006) Request from Roy's Keen

    The youngest Was The Most Loved, Live at Grimsby 4th May 2006 as requested by Roy's Keen
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    New York Dolls Re-union

    Any of you guys watch the programme that was on a couple of months back mainly following The New York Dolls getting together for the first time in nearly 30 years, all orchestrated by Morrissey. He brought the waring factions together despite all the bitterness that some of them had harboured...
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    FREE !!! Bunneymen Concert!!

    If any of you live in the North of England Echo and The Bunneymen are performing a free concert at the Stockton Riverside Festival this year, closing it on Sunday 5th August !!!
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    The SMITHS : Electric Ballroom 21st May 1983
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    Youngest...- Grimsby 2006

    There is a live version taken from the Grimsby gig in 2006 of The Younest Was The Most Loved available on iTunes(USA) but is there anyway us folk here in Dear Ol' Blighty can get it??? Let's hope the full concert eventually surfaces
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    When did he calm down??

    I know he's getting on a bit now but when did he exactly calm down. Sad though it is to see, he is very calm these days!! Dallas '91 he was wild, I saw him at Newcastle '92, he was okay then but in Hartlepool '99 he was totally placid. Bring back the Old Morrissey I say. What's prompted his...
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    Newcastle '92/Hartlepool '99/Grimsby& Newcastle '06

    Would anyone happen to have these knocking about somewhere on their HD and been awfully kind enough to upload them. I'm hoping to have a record of the times I've been to see the great man ( I can sit the Grandchildren down one day and tell them all about him!!) I do have several others...
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    1986-10-13 Sands Centre, Carlisle

    I saw this on Smithstorrents and know it's not on a lot of peoples lists, can anyone cleverer than me put it on to Megaupload?? Thanks in anticipation!!
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    Can any wonderful bootleggers help with these

    I'm trying to obtain the recordings of the following gigs I went to and was wondering if anyone is able to help, some of you have fantastic collections!!! Dec 4th '06 Morrissey @ Newcastle ???????? '06 Morrissey @Grimsby Dec 4th '99 Morrissey @ Hartlepool Dec 14th '92 Morrissey @...
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    Newcastle Mayfair, Newcastle 17 July 86

    Does anyone have this uploaded at the moment?:confused:
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    Request please:Middlesbrough 14/10/86

    Could anyone upload this, it's not available at the moment. I have Newcastle '95 if you wanted to trade, many thanks. He also did Carlisle the day previous(I'm sure) so any help in finding that would be appreciated.
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