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  1. boinging

    Two standing tickets for Leeds for sale (£50 each)

    Two friends have dropped out last minute, two standing tickets for Leeds. Have physical tickets in hand so can either meet before the gig or I can post Special Delivery to arrive Saturday pre 1pm. Face value £50 each.
  2. boinging

    London Eventim 21/09/15 Queen is Dead

    Does anyone have any decent footage they could upload on The Queen is Dead encore from Monday night? Managed to get a handshake and would be great to see if it's on video anywhere...
  3. boinging

    Req - bubblegum MP3

    Really can't find Bardot Bubblegum from preconcert in 2004... anyone help out?
  4. boinging

    Oasis - Round Our Way

    Does anyone have this song they could upload? I'm trying to get hold of it but can't find it on any music sites (itunes etc)... I know I have the CD single somewhere but then again I have lived with some sticky fingered souls...
  5. boinging

    What are surprise! Ebay touts up early...!

    I love the line "2 spare" yet thinks nothing of inflating the face value by 200%... Tosser of a fan.
  6. boinging

    Pics from GMEX last night...

    Pics from GMEX last night (now with videos!)... ...just started to upload some pics from last night.
  7. boinging

    Morrissey's Aftershave - Definitive Answer!

    I have seen many topics and many opinions on what fragrance Morrissey wears, I myself always wanted to know what it was. Now, after fighting for another piece of shirt at Nottingham this week, I went into town to find what aftershave matched the shirt before the scent wore off... The...
  8. boinging

    Victoria Wood's "Fourteen Again" MP3?

    ****I've now found the file***** I've uploaded it here - Has anyone got a this song on MP3 they would be willing to post up here? I am trying, without luck to find it anywhere... I've got...
  9. boinging

    Moz at V Festival (Staffs) Video

    Just posted a couple of Moz vids I took at V Festival on myspace... Apologies they are a little shakey, the queue for the beer tokens was too short...
  10. boinging

    Some Boys Are Nicer Than Others

    and here is Boz Boorer... This was the one of the best gigs I've been to.
  11. boinging

    Introducing Morrissey On DVD

    As we now mourn the death of VHS, does anyone have Introducing Morrissey on DVD format? PM me if you have, I'm obviously willing to pay to cover your costs etc...
  12. boinging

    Moz Vid On Myspace...

    ...just added a vid I took from the Moz gig in Cheltenham Hope the link works! I have some more I'll try and add on there. ***UPDATE - TWO NEW VIDS ADDED TODAY (18/8)***
  13. boinging

    Perfect (and realistic) V Festival Set List?

    Mine would be: Billy Bud Don't make fun of Daddy's Voice We'll Let You Know Panic Subway into Everyday Is Like Sunday Irish Blood Dear God (or) Trouble Loves Me I Just Want To See The Boy Happy In The Future... Pigsty First Of The Gang Stop Me If You Think Ganglord Last Of The...
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