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    Wild Beasts

    Everybody should be raving about this band. Soundwise they throw in a little Indie, a little Music Hall with some Disco Guitar & lyrically it's songs about shagging, sexual feelings for your Teachers and Cricket. What does the Panel think?
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    Gaslight Anthems

    Listen to their LP "The '59 Sound". They are a crackin' band....
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    ~The official POETRY thread~

    "'tis the season to be jolly, Simon Bates is such a Wally" BBC Radio One Mid 1980's
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    Gothenburg Post's Top Albums of 2006

    You've all forgotten Springsteen's Album - "We Shall Overcome:The Seeger Sessions"
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    The Veils

    I discovered this wonderful band following a recent trip to New Zealand. They have two albums available on Rough Trade - "The Runaway Found" & "Nux Vomica", the first of which features 4 songs produced by Bernard Butler of Suede fame. They play huge tunes with lyrics which contain surprising...
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