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    Friday ticket - seated in balcony

    Any shorties like me need a seat for Friday? I have a balcony ticket for sale for Friday night. Looking for £40.00 (face value, + the fees it cost me). I'll be there on Wednesday night if anyone wants to buy it. You can email me on [email protected] Cheers, Ann
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    Seated Friday ticket for sale

    Hi all, I have one ticket for a balcony seat for Friday night. I'm happy to sell it for £40.00 (covers fees etc.). I will be at the Wednesday show so it would be best if whoever wants it could pick it up then. Drop me an email if you are interested: [email protected] Ann
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    Southampton - anyone going on Wednesday?

    Anyone travelling up on their lonesome from Southampton on Wednesday night? I am, would be nice to have a bit of company (moreso for the train ride home) Ann
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    2 Roundhouse Standing Tickets 23/01/08 to Swap for 2 seated tickets any night.

    Rob, Roundhouse had seated tickets this morning for Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, I bought one myself. Might be worth a try, then perhaps you could sell your other two. Ann
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    Swap 2 standing for seated - Sat 26th

    Swap 2 standing for seated - Friday 25th Hi, Is anyone interested in swapping their 2 circle seats for 2 standing for Friday 25th? As a 5ft nothing, I'm worried I will not see anything but armpits if I stand....... If anyone is interested drop me an email: [email protected] I...
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    story on main page about smiths song on final series of extras

    Extras Did anyone see the christmas special of Extras? In one poignant scene they played a large chunk of Please, Please, it made me smile even more. Little things eh?
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    Your Morrissey Concert Routine?

    First show for me is Friday. In the morning I will wake up with butterflies that stay with me all day. I'll go to work till lunchtime, tell everyone again who I'm going to see and where, then home, get changed and be on my way by 4pm. The butterflies get worse as the day goes on, and I...
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    Your favourite Morrissey lyric

    So many to choose from, but a couple of my favourites are: from November Spawned: "I am a symbol of where sex mad lovers must always draw the line" from Last Night I Dreamt: "Last night I felt real arms around me" from William: "How can you stay, with a fat girl who'll say, ooh would...
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    A quick poll (not for Londoners)

    Southampton, only about 80 or so miles I think
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    Who got all the front row seats??!!

    Hi Guys, yes, I was meaning the Roundhouse, I would have liked a front row circle seat. Mind you, from what I've read about the venue, even a shortie like me should be able to see if I stand back a bit.
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    Who got all the front row seats??!!

    Who got all the good seats? As a shortie I tried to get front row circle, got through on sale day at 9.04 and they "were not available", later on, back rows were available. I want to know who got the front rows? (And how did you do it)??! Ann
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