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  1. hool'

    Rubber Ring demo

    This rip runs slightly faster, also the beginning is a bit cut off Here's my attempt - both sides, correct speed, clicks moved away
  2. hool'

    Remixing "Kill Uncle" – If Ronson or Finn had been at the helm

    Absolutely disappointing. Amateurish & rubbish.
  3. hool'

    Fifteen minutes with Clive Langer, producer and co-writer with Morrissey - Julie Hamill

    Many Thanks! Clive's sense of style is brilliant. Viva ''Kill Uncle''!
  4. hool'

    Morrissey interview in the 'Legends' issue of 'Loaded' (Feb. 2013), out tomorrow

    Many thanks for scans. Very very interesting interview.
  5. hool'

    Seeking MP3 Versions of Everyday Is Like Sunday Reissue B-Sides

    Here they are, both of them. Transferred by me recently from both of seven inchers.
  6. hool'

    The Smiths - Live in England

    Re: The Smith - Live in England Sod off, cheapskate
  7. hool'

    The Smiths - Live in England

    Re: The Smith - Live in England Who is The Smith?
  8. hool'

    Everyday Is Like Sunday b-sides

    Yes, I opened these mp3s with AdobeAudition to remove clicks, but found out that both channels are the same.
  9. hool'

    Everyday Is Like Sunday b-sides

    Sadly these rips are mono, not stereo as it should be.
  10. hool'

    What is your favorite Score or Soundtrack?

    Anything that touched by John Barry. The more melancholic the better.
  11. hool'

    Favorite female singer

    Francoise Hardy Nancy Sinatra Sandie Shaw
  12. hool'

    The Smiths - Peel Sessions 1983-1986 [Bootleg Vinyl Rip]

    Thank you so much! really glad that mono issue is over. but tracks 5 & 6 from AIFF are missing also Still Ill is cut-off, both mp3 & aiff.
  13. hool'

    Favourite Morrissey yodel

    Lucky lisp wasn't wasted... :thumb:
  14. hool'

    The Smiths - Unreleased Demos & Instrumentals [Bootleg Vinyl Rip]

    Thanks Steve and DavidA! Top quality rip!
  15. hool'

    The Old Guard: BBC Tapes 1983-1986 Crazy-Col re-work

    Re: The Old Guard [BBC Tapes 1983-1986] [Crazy-Col Re-Work I just don't understand. All those 12 tracks were previously released officially in stereo. Why bother making them pseudo(!) stereo from mono rip?
  16. hool'

    Trash live (EILS b-side)

    Yes, that goes in there.
  17. hool'

    Trash live (EILS b-side)

    I checked only AIFFs and both channels are absolutley the same, otherwise your needledrops sounds great and bright.
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