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  1. kill_uncle

    Christina Aguilera - Bionic

    2 parts to download. I am not a fan,I just know how to find the CD.
  2. kill_uncle

    Is Morrissey here? Veggie musicians

    Thats what I was going to say.There is Vegetarian sushi. Larry from U2 is no longer a vegetarian.He started eating seafood.
  3. kill_uncle

    Courteeners, 'Falcon' era (2010)

    Here is the complete album.
  4. kill_uncle

    Metric appreciation thread

    My favorite album of theirs is live It Out.
  5. kill_uncle

    How many of you are vegetarians?

    I have been a Vegetarian for 18 years. I was a huge Morrissey fan before that,but he had little to do with my decision.
  6. kill_uncle

    Chris Cornell

    There is actually another thread about this topic.
  7. kill_uncle

    March 21, 2009 Bowery Ballroom HERE

    Re: Morrissey March 21, 2009 Bowery Ballroom HERE Thanks.
  8. kill_uncle

    Trent Reznor slaggs former Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell

    I saw an interview with Chris and he said that Timbaland told him that a lot of people are going to really pissed off with the new record.
  9. kill_uncle

    Read this !

    Some might find it funny. If its for real,I find it the biggest sellout in music history.
  10. kill_uncle

    Read this !

    Did you read ?
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