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  1. retroussé nose

    Riga + Tallin dates added (4th + 5th July)

    Photos from Riga Apologies if these have already been posted elsewhere:
  2. retroussé nose

    I'm Ok By Myself

    YES! That was my very first thought when I heard Black Cloud. Very Dire Straits.
  3. retroussé nose

    The best songwriter

    Leonard Cohen Paul Simon (Yes, I'm old. I do like some younger types, too (50-ish))
  4. retroussé nose

    Lloyd Cole... where to begin?

    You should start where it all began: Rattlesnakes. Then go chronologically from there. His solo work post-Commotions is great, too. 'Antidepressant' from a couple of years back is wonderful. 'Rattlesnakes' is still one of my all-time favourite albums. There was a deluxe edition released in...
  5. retroussé nose

    A short passage

    I'll butt out of this one.
  6. retroussé nose

    Which musicians share your birthday

    Beethoven! (No, he's not listed on that website)
  7. retroussé nose

    POLL: If Morrissey Were "Outed" as STRAIGHT- How Would You React?

    Re: POLL: If Morrissey Said He Was STRAIGHT- How Would You React? Tee-hee.
  8. retroussé nose

    My Pix With Fellow Moz Fan Friends in London 1/21/08 - 1/28/08

    Yes, Hugh, I can vouch for that! Some of those photos turned out great! Thank you all for so graciously posing for my pics, too. It turned out to be a brilliant weekend despite the aborted Friday gig and the cancellations. The Quarry nights were great (and the M&G Anniversary cake was...
  9. retroussé nose

    For sale: 1 Roundhouse ticket for Friday, 25th Jan

    I have now found a buyer for the ticket. Thanks.
  10. retroussé nose

    For sale: 1 Roundhouse ticket for Friday, 25th Jan

    I have one spare standing ticket for Friday night. Any takers? Willing to part with it for £40, which will almost cover the total cost with booking and 'transaction' fees, whatever they are... PM me if you're interested.
  11. retroussé nose

    support for the tour?

    Re: 2008 Support I'm sure I heard Janice Long say it will be Girl In a Coma.
  12. retroussé nose

    The Official M-Solo Trip to the French gigs

    It's probably just a coincidence, but Clermont Ferrand appears to be twinned with Salford...
  13. retroussé nose

    "My Own Little Empire" Comic Book with Moz storyline part 1

    Hahaa, thanks Jay - I enjoyed that. It's amazing how Moz crops up everywhere, isn't it? And P.S.: Hälsa Lisa!
  14. retroussé nose

    Calling Finnish fans

    Hi Peter, try these: Stupido Shop:,eng.php Popparienkeli: Keltainen Jäänsärkijä: You will find many...
  15. retroussé nose

    Message from Morrissey on TTY Apologies if this has already been posted.
  16. retroussé nose

    Short hair on gals

    Mine is a dark blonde, pretty much the same colour as hers in the pic.
  17. retroussé nose

    Short hair on gals

    I had my hair cut in precisely that Jean Seberg style in January. I brought that picture and a couple of others from the same film to the salon and asked my hairdresser for an honest opinion on whether it would suit me. I loved the end result and it was the easiest haircut ever, literally...
  18. retroussé nose

    Did Morrissey ever have sexual relations with Sandie Shaw

    Take Him lyrics: With your pork pie hat and your short cropped hair Oozing self-confidence she's going somewhere You sashay across the room cast your eyes around the gloom Hold your arms out in welcome to one and all You've got the looks you've got the youth You've got the suss you've...
  19. retroussé nose

    Name UK's best TV police inspector!

    Absolutely positively definitely Morse. I am a rabid Inspector Morse-aholic and John Thaw-aholic.There are days when I don't know who I'm more passionate about, Morse or Morrissey. It's that serious. (I do love Helen Mirren as well, just not as much as I love John Thaw).
  20. retroussé nose

    Favorite Nordic Female Artist

    The Evanescence girl has nothing to do with Finland. She's American. I think you must be thinking of the disgraced ex lead singer from Nightwish. Well, she's so last season - let me introduce another Finnish songstress, Jippu:
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