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    Read this !

    You have to read this article
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    Montreal Mirror review

    Disc of the week. MORRISSEY Years of Refusal (Decca/Universal) Another Morrissey album, another dozen diary entries by Britpop’s elder-statesman/eternal-teenager. There’s certainly enough juvenile spite, sarcasm and lovelorn sentiment inside to match the “man-child” cover art, but...
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    Franz Ferdinan on Craig Ferguson

    Franz Ferdinand on Craig Ferguson its kind of last minute,but In just noticed that they are performing,and there will be an interview with Alex Kapranos tonight (feb 6).
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    Liam Gallagher interview from 'The Hour"

    The Hour is a free newspaper in Montreal,Canada. Because it's Pop Montreal, and because I feel like it, and because it's not every day that you get to sit down face to face with, as a friend so succinctly said, one of "The World's Greatest Living Englishmen," this week's instalment will skew...
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    Morrissey on Last Call with Carson Daly

    this coming Friday Oct 12.
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    The Stray Cats On Tour.

    They are touring North America.
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    Jarvis Cocker

    Is on David Lettterman tonight (April 27).
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    Morrissey mentioned by the defence dept.

    I was quickly reading through an article about muslim prisoners wanting to write a poetry book.a guy that works for the defence department at the pentagon said that they are not liking the idea because they could be sending hidden messages in the poetry. He then said that they arent going to...
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    Arcade Fire Video from SNL

    Intervention - Keep The Car Running -
  10. kill_uncle

    Arcade Fire On SNL

    they will be on SNL next week.2/24/07
  11. kill_uncle

    New Arcade Fire

    They are recording a new album in Montreal Canada. Yesterday they announced that they were playing 5 nights in Montreal. Tickets for all shows went on sale at 9am.i got through to admission at 9:06 and ALL 5 shows were sold out at only $25 a ticket !!!!!!! I am pissed !
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    Another reason to go vegetarian
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