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    English for the English

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    What was the first record you ever bought?

    In light of the 'I was Morrissey's roadie' article, what was the first record you ever bought? For me, The Queen is Dead. I was 12. :cool:
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    Certain People I Know 12'' Inner Sleeve

    Does anyone have the Certain People I Know 12'' Inner sleeve artwork shown here but slightly larger? Or know where I can find it? I've scoured the net for it everywhere. Thanks. :cool:
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    New Song

    Whoa! "He played 5 new songs: All You Need is Me, Something is Squeezing My Skull (?), Lay Mama Down on the River Bed (?), I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris, One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell." Anyone with more info? PLEASEE!
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    What the hell happened?

    Anyone know why Morrissey-Solo was out for so long? David T., you need to remember to pay your bills. EDIT: Whoops thought i was on off topic.
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    Well, I Wonder

    I was searching for prices for the Greatest Hits LP and I came across this website that had a track-listing that mentions which tracks are 'remixed.' I'm just wondering if anyone has any information on this. DISCLAIMER: If this was already...
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    Sexiest Dead Man

    Just thought someone had to do it! :cool:
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    That's How People Grow Up

    On the Morrissey Myspace I noticed that THPGU was now available for play. So I decided to rip it. Enjoy.
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    Morrissey Choosing Old Pictures For Albums

    I can't see why this is a big issue. Morrissey has every right to choose any picture he is pleased with. I personally think it was an excellent choice. A rather ravishing picture. Also it not like it's a new thing for him to choose old picture of himself. I remember this one coming out in 1989...
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    Pro Life

    Just kidding. Forgive me if this has been mentioned before, and I checked if it has been I did not find anything. But when I was listening to Munich Air Disaster 1958 with headphone (very loud :) ), at the very end when the song was fading out I heard someone say "What's so funny?" I found...
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    Thought this was cool. Love, Peace and Harmony, -DIMH!
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    Looking For Early Recording

    I'm looking for the early recording of Bengali In Platforms. If anyone has it available PLEASE let me know. I'll make worth your while. Love, Peace, and Harmony -DIMH!
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    Morrissey Covers Street Life

    Anyone have Morrissey's cover of Roxy's StreetLife?? Thanks. Love, Peace and Harmony, David
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    Papa Jack Tabs

    Anyone know where I may find them? Love Peace and Harmony, Davidd
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    Need Help finding 1991 Canada Show

    5 July 1991 Kingswood Music Theatre, Toronto, Canada Any help please?
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    Margaret on the Guillotine

    Hello, Just wondering if there was an instrumental version anyone has at their disposal. Also, why the hell did Morrissey choose Riverside, CA? I mean, i'm not complaining but it sucks here... hahaha.
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