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  1. Poco Innocente

    Best place to purchase Smiths T's online?

    can anyone advise? i tried bluecat and they pissed me around no end
  2. Poco Innocente

    Why are we getting a new Greatest Hits?

    sorry, i did do a search on related topics but nothing came up...and i'm not spending ages looking for the exact thread...ta Kewpie ;) is this something the record company has decided? what role does Moz play in this deicison? it seems like an odd selection of songs...
  3. Poco Innocente

    Dale (I'm not a gay) Hibbert

    what's with his interview in the rather dodgey These Things Take Time docu? Something about "we were gonig to be a gay band" do you set about being a gay band?
  4. Poco Innocente

    Smiths Demos

    were there any? if so, details please?
  5. Poco Innocente

    Morrissey on Jeff Buckley

    Did Morrissey ever say anything publicly regarding the death of Jeff Buckley? Or for that matter ever mention him publicly?
  6. Poco Innocente

    Friday 15th June London?????

    are there any Moz/Smiths related nights happening worth attending this friday?
  7. Poco Innocente

    4 Music: Transmission with T-Mobile

    Tonight at 12:40...Modest Mouse. That chap Marr is in Modest Mouse... who used to be in that band The Smiths who Morrissey also used to be this thread is ok in this section, riiiiight? :p
  8. Poco Innocente

    Marr on Channel 4 News

    Some shiz on Marr. no idea if this has been posted already.
  9. Poco Innocente

    Your beginners guide to collecting Smiths/Moz vinyl.

    Any chance some of you lovely and more experienced vinyl collectors could give some advice/tips on collecting Smiths/Moz vinyl for us n00bs. Other than just 'look on ebay'. Any hints/tips/suggestions/recommendations would be appreciated! Or even stories of how you started. Poco x
  10. Poco Innocente

    Later With...Jools Holland (tonight)

    Apparently Tony Visconti is on Jools tonight. (BBC2 11:35pm) And don't moan this should be in off topic! Surely it counts as general discussion (Moz related) :p It doesn't deserve to be moved in and lost amongst the arse licking and brown nosing threads of off-topic. Oh and I have...
  11. Poco Innocente

    uh oh Patrick Wolf...

    not sure if this is 'real'...
  12. Poco Innocente

    Is Asleep...

    one of the most 'perfect' songs ever created? More than (almost) anything I want to be able to sit and listen to this song with a certain someone, that can really appreciate its majesty.
  13. Poco Innocente

    Has Morrissey ever commented on…

    Joy Division or Ian Curtis in the press/interviews etc? Thanks!
  14. Poco Innocente

    Where to begin?

    I'm slowly looking to build up a bit of a Smiths/Moz vinyl collection. Do you have any advice on where to begin? How did you start your collection? What were your aims? Anything in particular to avoid? I'm happy to put Moz's solo material on the backburner for now.
  15. Poco Innocente

    Any BDP/KRS-One...

  16. Poco Innocente

    Who the **** is Guy Pratt???

    My mate who is a big Pink Floyd fan just text me saying a chap by the name of Guy Pratt played bass for Floyd as well as The Smiths. I was most confused by this as I thought the only basist The Smiths had was Rourke? I just did a search on here, and someone mentions Pratt replacing Andy on...
  17. Poco Innocente

    I really don't like Robbie Williams...

    ...but I think "I've Been Expecting You" is a really good pop album. I listened to the album a fair amount when I was about 14 and stuck it on a month ago or so and think it really holds up as a pop album. Have I gone mad? or are there any other Robbie haters out there that think this...
  18. Poco Innocente

    Is Amazon...

    the cheapest place tp purchase books online? I have found some bargains on ebay, but it doesn't always have quite what I'm looking for.
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