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  1. sore_lips

    Where Morrissey nicked the melody for Girl Least Likely To from..

    were you all aware of this? is this a commonly known fact? Only To Other People - The Cookies it can´t be a coincidence because even the lyrics are similar ("how many times..")..
  2. sore_lips

    Stephen Street to produce the new Babyshambles record?

    from the new NME: Otherwise how is the new Babyshambles album going? Peter Doherty: We’re going into the studio with Stephen Street later this month. i´m not sure if this is true, pete is obviously a huge smiths and morrissey fan, but i´m not sure whether he would make that up...
  3. sore_lips

    Request - Morrissey KROQ Session?

    hello, i´m looking for the KROQ Session version of Sing Your Life in particular, but if anyone could find it in their heart or on their computer to upload the whole session, i´d be immensly grateful! thanks in advance! :)
  4. sore_lips

    Life Is A Pigsty live versions?

    hello, i´m looking for your favourite live version of Life Is A Pigsty.. i do think the song works better live than on the studio recording.. if anyone has the versions from the ally pally show last may (was it the first of may?) or the munich show 13/12/06, i´d be really really thankful...
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