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    Manchester Music Tour Guide

    I heard from a friend of mine, that a new book will be published shortly, The Manchester Music Tour Guide. Where was the Electric Circus where Morrissey went to see the Sex Pistols and met Linder for the first time? Where did the Bee Gees live in Chorlton? Which Manchester band sang...
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    Which Moderator Would You Like To See sacked?

    Just asking:thumb: Jukebox Jury
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    Could it be forever?

    Or am I just a wasting time? Just asking:thumb: Jukebox Jury
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    The Official ''I Love Kewpie'' Thread

    Hey Kewpie - got your attention:thumb: How come you never answer my questions and you do your usual ''silence for a few days and it will all go quiet'' trick? Do you deny sending PM's to members telling them not to post on Viva Morrissey threads? Do you deny sending a PM to 'Oh My God It's...
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