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  1. international playboy

    For Sale - Manchester 23rd Saturday

    Unfortunately I cannot make the gig :mad: I paid nearly £100 for the ticket way back in January. I am selling it for £60, with no postage costs. Alternatively, if you live in the Gloucestershire area, I can meet you. PM asap! Many thanks, Tom
  2. international playboy

    Ticket swap -Manchester (Sat night) for Brixton

    Unfortunately i cannot make Morrissey's birthday gig :mad: I am willing to swap it for either a friday or Sat ticket at Brixton. Many thanks!
  3. international playboy

    Ticket swap -Manchester (Sat night) for Cambridge

    Sadly i cannot make it to the Manchester gig :mad: Anybody like to do a swap? I would prefer Cambridge, but any other offers would be good as well. Many thanks :thumb:
  4. international playboy

    Ticket swap -Manchester for euro venue

    I have a ticket for the Manchester gig on the Saturday night. I really want a ticket for rotterdam or Antwerp. If you have any other european date, then i would consider. Many thanks,:)
  5. international playboy

    Venues that are NOT sold out?

    Does anybody know which venues of the tour are NOT sold out? I have ticketsfor Birmingham, Salisbury and Manchester; but only through ebay and other websites. I really wanted to go to the Rotterdam and Antwerp gig; but obviously both sold out. Anyways; I was wondering if anyone could help? :)
  6. international playboy

    The man who Morrissey loved...

    This incident happend around 6 months ago, but i don't know why it has taken me this long to post this. I go up to Manchester quite a bit, because i watch Man City alot. I go up with a coach load of regulars. On the way to Wigan Athletic ( i think) we picked up a new person. I think his name...
  7. international playboy

    Where is Alain and Gary?

    Firstly, sorry Kewpie if this has already been asked :p But where are Alain and Gary gone? Apparently Alain is having a lot of imput into the new album, but why isn't he and Gary Day in the live set up? Also, as they were not in the picture of 'The Players' in recent Greatest Hits; i thought...
  8. international playboy

    Festival Virgin

    :( Unfortunately I have never been to a festival before, so i have no clue what the format will be. Does anybody have any idea what time Morrissey will be on stage? I don't really want to hang around all day and watch 'The Wombats' etc :p My girlfriend is coming over from Belgium to see...
  9. international playboy

    Current Tour NOT in .rar file

    Hey everyone. I really want to hear the recent bootlegs. Sadly my computer will not download the .rar files :confused: Does anyone have the files in another format? Thanks :)
  10. international playboy

    general sale on FRIDAY?

    is it true that the tickets go on general sale on Friday? If so, will other ticket agencies other than '' be providing tickets?
  11. international playboy

    Best Bootleg?

    Which is your favourite Morrissey bootleg? I always rank mine by sound quality. The best one i have is probably Adelaide 2002. Anyone share thier favourites? :)
  12. international playboy

    Questions about the new album...

    Firstly does anyone know roughly when he will release his new album? I know it is difficult to say, i would just like to hear your thoughts. I would have thought it would be Jun/July next year. Also will 'All You Need Is Me' and 'That's How People Grow Up' be on the new album? I hope so, as i...
  13. international playboy

    Songs For A Friend

    I recently went on a cruise. I was really depressed as i felt like the only young person there. I was walking around wearing a Morrissey shirt. A american girl my age came up to me and said "Oh my god! I love Morrissey" From then on a lovely 9 day friendship grew. She is a big fan of The Smiths...
  14. international playboy

    Which Morrissey/The Smiths song would you have played at your funeral?

    ahhhh it would have to be 'There is a light that never goes out' or 'You have killed me' :p
  15. international playboy

    Any one got any '07 tour bootlegs?

    Argg! I am annoyed that i am not seeing Morrissey in America! Does anyone have any good bootlegs of any of his recent concerts? :confused:
  16. international playboy

    which dead celeb would you like to have lunch with?

    mmm Adolf Hitler. It would be interesting to hear what his view on what the world is like today :o
  17. international playboy

    Should I go and see Moz?

    Alright, i dont like starting these 'personal' threads that is hard to involve many people. But I have no actually Morrissey friends, so you guys are the only people i can ask for advice. I'm 17 and live in England. I really want to see Morrissey in the US. I have been thinking about going to...
  18. international playboy

    Anyone up for visiting the Salford lad's club?

    Ah i have yet to make the 'holy' trip up there! Anyone want to join me? :p
  19. international playboy

    awful, awful date

    "sigh" Yesterday i went on an awful date. I invited this girl to Cheltenham festival with me yesterday. She met up with an old friend there and he basically tagged along for the rest of the day...
  20. international playboy

    Apart from Moz, what other music do you like?

    What other muisc do you like apart from Morrissey? Well I can understand if you just like Morrissey. Over the past 3 months i havent listened to much else, than Morrissey. Other music i like is Jason Mraz, The Fray, Il Divo, Take That, James Blunt. It would be nice to hear what other people...
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