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  1. johnnymunro

    Morag Siller (star of "You're The One For Me Fatty" video) has died aged 46 Star of Coronation Street, Emmerdale and the You're The One For Me Fatty video has passed away aged just 46. Morag Siller obituary - The Guardian Excerpt: Morag Siller, who has died of breast cancer aged 46, was a prolific character actor who...
  2. johnnymunro

    There Is A Light That Never Goes Out - BBC Radio 4 Soul Music

    This was on Radio 4 this week - I have only heard a little bit so far but it sounded brilliant. Written by Mark Gatiss (The legendary Glen Bulb from Nighty Night). It's an excellent series and worth looking out for other episodes. There Is a Light That Never Goes Out (27:41) - BBC Radio 4...
  3. johnnymunro

    Swansong BBC Radio 4

    Hi - Has anyone managed to get a copy of this for download please? It's available here for 7 days but will disappear after that. Any help on how I can do this would be apppreciated. Cheers
  4. johnnymunro


    I've a spare Dunfermline ticket going for cost price. Get in touch if you want it (and you're not a tout).
  5. johnnymunro

    Perth x 1 Standing For sale (probably)

    I've probably got one standing ticket for Perth on Wednesday to sell - It's depending on whether or not my friend recovers from illness (which is looking unlikely). It'll be face value (£37ish) - If you're interested and you're not a tout, contact me ASAP preferably with a mobile number. The...
  6. johnnymunro

    Tickets for Scotland

    I may have an extra stack of tickets for Hawick(4), Dunfermline(4) and Perth(6). PM me if you have any problems getting tickets for these venues and if I do get them, they are yours at cost (plus ticketmasters f'd up charges).
  7. johnnymunro

    Alan Sillitoe Request

    With the sad news that Alan Sillitoe passed away yesterday I wondered if anyone had any Sillitoe related downloads (Audio Books or short stories etc) that they might be kind enough to share with me/us? I went to see Morrissey in Nottingham a few years ago and when he mentioned Saturday Night...
  8. johnnymunro

    Film 'Looking For Eric' Compilation

    As I work in a cinema, I've to make a compilation of Morrissey/Smiths songs to be played before the new Ken Loach film LOOKING FOR ERIC (Cantona) and I'm looking for suggestions. 2 that I will definitely include are MUNICH AIR DISASTER and ROY'S KEEN. Any other suggestions which have...
  9. johnnymunro

    O2 Academy Brixton Saturday 30th - 2 Spares (probably)

    I'm likely to have two spare tickets for the above - Contact me and if I do (I will know by the end of the week) - they're yours at face value. Cheers.
  10. johnnymunro

    The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils inspiration...

    The start of 'The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils' is based on the following - If anyone has this piece of music, would they be so kind as to upload it? (if it's a legal upload of course). Shostakovich's 5th Symphony (Op. 47) 1st Movement. The ending sample is apparently from the 1952...
  11. johnnymunro

    Morrissey / Smiths night in Edinburgh - Cameo Cinema Bar + KARAOKE!

    Hi folks - just to let you know that the Cameo Cinema Bar will again be holding a Morrissey / Smiths night on Thursday May 29th. The karaoke will return and I hope to see you all there! Evening will start at 8.30 for a change with half an hour (or so) of Pre Gig music (Cilla Black, Cockney...
  12. johnnymunro

    It is NOT all sold out London
  13. johnnymunro

    This worked!?!?! Can I expect problems now?

    RE Post The LINK in the first post STILL works - I've just bought 4 tickets for myself and 4 for my mate (We're not touts) Give it a try! What I'm now dreading is getting told they're cancelled as has happened to other people.
  14. johnnymunro

    Southpaw Grammar Lyrics

    Southpaw Lyrics This is something which has bothered me for years - I'd like all of your opinions on it. The lyrics for the song Southpaw start off (according to every website I've seen) as; "You were a boy before you became a man I don't see the joy" I've always thought it was...
  15. johnnymunro

    Morrissey / Smiths Night In Edinburgh (with Karaoke)

    There will be another Morrissey / Smiths nights in the Cameo Cinema Bar in Tollcross, Edinburgh on Thursday 31st May. The evning will start at 8.30 pm sharp with some 'Morrissey pre-gig music - (Sham 69, Max Bygraves etc). At 9.00ish the music will start and from 10.30 onwards it will be Karaoke...
  16. johnnymunro

    Morrissey/Smiths DJ Night EDINBURGH

    It is true - A Dj Set of Morrissey and The Smiths from 9.00 pm in The Cameo Cinema Bar, 38 Home street, Edinburgh on Thursday 25th January. There will also be a short karaoke session for those brave enough - a free drink for all those who sing! I hope to see you there!
  17. johnnymunro

    Perth Scotland 2004 DVD - REasonable quality

    If anyone can give me some guidelines as to how to upload this, I'll be happy to (assuming I have all the technology at my work to do so!!!)
  18. johnnymunro

    Cover Version From Passions Just Like Mine

    The following is a link to the list of cover versions performed by other artists (taken from Passions just like mine). I'm planning a DJ evening largely featuring these songs and wondered if you guys could help out with links to where to download some of these. (Legally of course). I've trawled...
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