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  1. international playboy

    Low In High School: What do you think of it?

    I love Moz’s new album. I’ve only listened to it 4 or 5 times but it gets better with every listen. The only track that I really don’t like is ATYPMFIL. I just find it cringe and it’s a struggle to listen through without skipping. I Bury The Living really has the wow factor for me. I get...
  2. international playboy

    London 2012 Summer Olympics torchlighting segment titled "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out"

    I thought the opening ceremony was excellent! I wasn't shocked not to hear a Morrissey/Smiths clip. It would have been great to hear it, but then again, I still enjoyed the rest of the music. I recorded the ceremony and have watched it twice. My girlfriend is Belgian and she thought the show...
  3. international playboy

    Does new Train Song sounds like" When last I spoke to Carol"

    I heard this song a few weeks ago and I was surprised how much the intro sounded like When Last I Spoke To Carol. To be fair it is a catchy song...
  4. international playboy

    For Sale - Manchester 23rd Saturday

    Unfortunately I cannot make the gig :mad: I paid nearly £100 for the ticket way back in January. I am selling it for £60, with no postage costs. Alternatively, if you live in the Gloucestershire area, I can meet you. PM asap! Many thanks, Tom
  5. international playboy

    Hey Ian! I really would like the spare ticket. Am i too late? many thanks, Tom

    Hey Ian! I really would like the spare ticket. Am i too late? many thanks, Tom
  6. international playboy

    Ticket swap -Manchester (Sat night) for Brixton

    Unfortunately i cannot make Morrissey's birthday gig :mad: I am willing to swap it for either a friday or Sat ticket at Brixton. Many thanks!
  7. international playboy

    Ticket swap -Manchester (Sat night) for Cambridge

    Sadly i cannot make it to the Manchester gig :mad: Anybody like to do a swap? I would prefer Cambridge, but any other offers would be good as well. Many thanks :thumb:
  8. international playboy

    Concert start time?

    What times does the set finish? I am going to the antwerp gig, and i have to get a train back to my girlfriend's place after the show. The problem is that the trains finish at around 11pm. Is that going to be cutting it fine? What times does moz normally finish?
  9. international playboy

    The Eureka Moment: What Got You Hooked?

    July 2006: I was flicking through the music channels with my American girlfriend. All of a sudden, 'You have killed me' comes on and I was amazed and not only the quality of the song, but how charismatic and cool Morrissey was. I had never heard of him. My girlfriend said "oh yeah he has a...
  10. international playboy

    Game of YOR

    Something Is Squeezing My Skull 23 Mama Lay Softly on the Riverbed 25+ Black Cloud 20+ Im Throwing My Arms Around Paris 21 All You Need Is Me 20 When Last I Spoke to Carol 22 That's How People Grow Up 15 One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell 23 Its Not Your Birthday Anymore 23 You Were Good...
  11. international playboy

    Morrisseys best song of his career

    That's How People Grow Up :thumb: End of
  12. international playboy

    Smiths/Moz songs you can't stand...

    Vauxhall and I is my least favourite Morrissey album.:( Also That's How People Grow Up is one of my favourite songs of all time
  13. international playboy

    Morrissey and band bares all (front this time) new pic

    I don't really like it. I think younger people; especially men would be put off by it
  14. international playboy

    America I love ya......not

    No! No! I hate where you are going with this! :p
  15. international playboy

    America I love ya......not

    Who's the one on the right?
  16. international playboy

    America I love ya......not

    Yeah somebody was a bit embaressed about a naughty affair :eek:
  17. international playboy

    America I love ya......not

    you can get the DVD box set! It's really good! It was actually banned in England, because the boy in the show 'was a bad example to the youth of Great Britain'. Quite amusing really.
  18. international playboy

    America I love ya......not

    Pff I feel a bit sick to be honest. Too much coffee The Donna Reed show is really great. Have you seen it?:guitar:
  19. international playboy

    America! I'm actually quite ambivalent towards you.

    I've been to New York, LA, Las Vegas and Hawaii :D
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