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  1. Helen Bach

    June 25th 2009?

    According to the panel at the bottom of the forum page the most users ever online here at the same time was on June 25th 2009 at 11.15. I just wondered why? Was there some event in Mozland that day? Thanks.
  2. Helen Bach

    Peta shirt

    Want the one you can have?
  3. Helen Bach

    Morrissey or JLS?

    This kid knows what's what..
  4. Helen Bach

    True to you

    Boo hooo
  5. Helen Bach

    Johnny Marr site updated

    That nice Mr Marr has updated his web site.
  6. Helen Bach

    Pic of moz and sister

  7. Helen Bach

    Frank Sidebottom statue

    Frank Sidebottom statue, work in progress...
  8. Helen Bach

    BBC Radio 1 QueenIsDead

    BBC Radio One is recording a documentary about THE QUEEN IS DEAD today. Not sure when it will be broadcast as I never listen to Radio 1. Those younger members of Solo might hear about it inbetween the hip-hop and other 'cool' phat choons. Later.
  9. Helen Bach

    How Tim Jonze works

    We all know ex NME scribbler Tim Jonze is a little shit. He is now shockingly trusted as Editor of Guardian music. Here is an example of how he works, taken from Twitter. For the non UK readers, John Prescott is a British politician, was Deputy to Tony Blair when he was Prime Minister. Not...
  10. Helen Bach

    The British police are the best in the world

    I don't believe one of these stories I've heard.... Really, who do these people think they are? Killing innocent people, bullying, beating, over-reacting, pushing and shoving, talking down to people, acting above the law and below any kind of reasonable standard. Even watching these...
  11. Helen Bach

    MPs are murder

    Interesting debate with Smiths references.
  12. Helen Bach


    No Moz content. In fact nothing of much interest at all.
  13. Helen Bach

    Blooming Johnny Marr

    A new flower is to be named in honour of Johnny Marr
  14. Helen Bach

    Marr movie music

    Poster for film with 'him' on soundtrack..
  15. Helen Bach

    China fur trade *graphic*

  16. Helen Bach

    Noel Gallagher, Ian Brown ad up

    Commercialism gorn mad.
  17. Helen Bach

    Look who went to SLC

    Look who wandered down Coronation Street to SLC.. Sorry, forgot pic.. It's Antony from Coronation Street, that's all.
  18. Helen Bach

    Morrissey on tape

    Anyone know which Morrissey track is on this?
  19. Helen Bach

    Foals gold

    All my mates have gone to see Foals.. With Steve.
  20. Helen Bach


    I see she rarely visits anymore. She came, she moaned, she was too f***ing stupid to understand our witty humour, she cried to the mods, she pissed us all right off, she gets us (with over a decade of loyalty to this site) banned. Then she f***s off when she gets bored. Isn't life just...
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