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    Bassist Guy Pratt on the time he nearly joined the Smiths - Rolling Stone

    From Rolling Stone. Right around that same time, you nearly wound up touring in the Smiths. How did that happen? This whole five year period was just f***in’ nuts. By that time, I was working with Bryan Ferry. Myself and [guitarist] Chester Kamen were kind of like his little sorcerer’s...
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    Omega Auctions: October auction contains potentially unheard material

    I've only just got to this. There are some really interesting cassettes listed in the auctions. Nerds assemble! THE SMITHS - WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE/HAVE I - SMILE MUSIC LTD DEMO CASSETTE What is the track Have I? THE SMITHS - EDEN STUDIOS DEMO CASSETTE (BEFORE FIRST ALBUM) Eden Studios...
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    Hulmerist - Sister I'm a Poet Comparison

    I found a video I made a few years ago, comparing the original Hulmerist video from a pro-shot bootleg posted by TicTac. Not anything to stop traffic about, but also not a bad use of 2 minutes and 20 seconds of your time.
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    Smiths Archive

    Hello! I’d like to share my large Smiths collection with you. In the 1990s I found a bootleg of The Smiths at a local record fair. I was amazed that there were live recordings of my favourite band. It was before the internet so until that day all I knew of were the albums in the record stores...
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    Smiths booking - £1,000 + 80% after recoup

    Just clearing out a hard drive. It feels like a pretty good deal to book The Smiths, but that's what happens when you go back in time 35 years. With a £3 ticket price I wonder if they'd recoup the £2,850 for that gig in The Tower Ballroom in Birmingham? Ah well, a bit of pocket money for the...
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    50 Smiths CDs for sale

    I'm selling a lot of Smiths CDs and related items. Lots of rarities in here including The Headmaster Ritual on Rough Trade, Stop Me on Victor, Queen is Dead on Festival. I'm also selling some bootlegs. These are silvers, not CD-Rs, which I've collected over the years. Pictures of everything...
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    Smiths Hard Drive Tour via (free)

    I run smithstorrents, which has lot of great Smiths recordings. All that are in circulation I think. In the past I've sent a hard drive through the posts because I know 300GB is a lot to download and I know that a lot of people don't like torrents. I came up with another plan using
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    Wolverhampton 1998-12-22 Soundboard (Vinyl Rip)

    Finally, a soundboard version of this famous gig. Much like the Demos and Rarities from a year or so again, this one has shown up as a vinyl bootleg. Thanks for JohnMarr23, his friend with the vinyl and SweetFA for getting this to us. FLAC format here...
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    Smiths BBC Sessions

    A recurring topic, I know, but I'm compiling what I hope to be the best BBC sessions. If you think you have an upgrade, please let me know. When I've finished I'll share the fruits of my efforts with everyone here...
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    Morrissey - Live at the Hollywood Bowl - 8th June 2007 (Pro-Shot DVD9 Promo)

    Here's the official version. It's a straight copy of the official promo, complete with the official titles. 7.5GB. Happy Christmas. Now could someone share Wolverhampton please?
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    Morrissey - Live at the Hollywood Bowl - 8th June 2007 (Pro-Shot Usenet DVDRip)

    I've seeded the version available on Usenet here.
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    Morrissey Without Eyebrows
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    Glastonbury 2011 Video - iPlayer Version

    Ordinarily I'd torrent this at smithstorrents, but I can't reach the site today. I'll see how these links work out; I'll add new links as they finish uploading. The video is 640MB. Filehosting. Filedropper. Filesonic. Uploading. Megaupload. Rapidshare. File Savr. Morrissey Glastonbury Festival...
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    Glastonbury 2011 Audio - iPlayer Version

    I downloaded the iPlayer stream of Glastonbury and pulled out the audio. It's in AAC format, which might be a bit funky for people, but that's how the BBC encode it. I also have the full iPlayer video stream, which is great, but it's 640MB and my connection to smithstorrents seems to have just...
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    Troy Tate sessions straight from master posted on

    This is big news in my world. Soundsville Paul, hitherto off-radar, has surfaced and seeded a cassette of the Troy Tate sessions taken straight from the master. It's a big upgrade on anything I've heard before. Troy Tate Recordings Complete - ...I'm sure most...
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    Troy Tate Upgrade!

    This is big news in my world. Soundsville Paul, hitherto off-radar, has surfaced and seeded a cassette of the Troy Tate sessions taken straight from the master. It's a big upgrade on anything I've heard before. Link. I know some people have a hard time with FLACs, so I'll post high...
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    The Smiths - Demos & Outtakes - Analog Loyalist Remaster

    From The Power of Independent Trucking Converted to 320kps MP3 and made iTunes-friendly. Download here.
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    The Smiths - Unreleased Demos & Instrumentals [Bootleg Vinyl Rip] - Stereo

    All credit to Motorways for finding the bootleg in the first place. This is Soundsville Steve's rip of his own copy as originally seeded here. As a bonus, it includes the How Soon Is Now alternate take from the Italian William 12". I've encoded to 320kps MP3 and made it iTunes friendly. I've...
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    I Was Morrissey's Drummer

    Here's a fun BBC documentary from a few years ago. I Was Morrissey's Drummer by Andrew McGibbon Producers: Nick Romero and Jonathan Ruffle A Curtains For Radio production for BBC Radio 4 Transmitted 13 Oct 2005 23:00 27:46, 128kbps, 44.1kHz In this fast-moving half-hour, comedian and...
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    Longer version of Heaven Knows?

    How did this one slip my attention? There's a longer version of Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now with an extra chorus. Only ever released on the first pressing of the 12", referenced at PJLM and Peepholism. Does anyone have it here?
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