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    New Photos from Lille, France

    (Nicked from Moz_Shot) Here's the link to flickr: There's also some photos of Mikey's replcement in there for all who wants to know what the guy looks like. Enjoy. :)
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    vAndreav's 1000th!!!!!!!!!!!

    YAY! C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D
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    Ticketmaster Presale for LA shows - 09/06/2007 The presale begins next Thrusday, Sept 6th at 10:00 AM PDT and ends Friday Sept. 7th at 10:00 PM PDT.....:D :D :D :D Yeeesssss!!!
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    What is your favorite time of day/night? And why?

    I have been wanting to make a thread outta this question, and have finally gotten the chance to! :) SOOOOO...tell me, what is it?? Whenh the sun rises early in the morning, mid-morning, early-afternoon, mid-afternoon, late-afternoon, early evening, late evening, when the sun sets, after the...
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    Steven the

    Dunno if this has ever been posted before, is so sorry, but if not then enjoy. I had to share this, cuz I get asked a lot of those questions, the ones pertaining to.."Do you eat...(fillin type of meat)" (which can be annoying at times), and thought.......This is HI-LAR-I-OUS!!!!! :D...
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    SNS' 4000th POST!!! Holy

    Wowser! That was quick! :eek: I say we make bets on how soon he'll be at his 5000th...:D Anyways, Congrats! ;)
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    Women playing in Morrissey's Band???

    The other day I was thinking about how awesome it would be to be a band member, wondering what it'd be like?? Then I started wondering if Moz has ever considered a woman musician to be apart of his band?? Has he ever mentioned anything regarding this at all???? Thanks for your help!!!
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    SNS' 3000th POOOOSSSTTTTT!!!!!!!!!

    A round of applause ladies and gentlemen for this fine fellow!! It's been a hard grueling process, but he's made it!!! :D :D CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS SnS!!! :D :D Cool guy to have around......thanks for your laughs!!
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    If Mozzalini handed YOU the mic......

    ...what would say?? As Desert Bee's review of the show in Ventura last night said... and I quote.."BACK TO THE IDIOT: Moz handed him the mic asking if he had a questions and the greaser comes out with, "Always remember but forget my fate." Moz had a look of What the Duck? [put an F in the...
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    Warrie's 1000th!!!!!!!!!

    YAY for Warrie!!!! Congrats!:D ;)
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    Winona Ryder.....DEAD!!!!

    So it appears that Winona Ryder O.D. on sleeping pills. so sad. my best friend loved her. :(
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    Stationary Paper??

    Where can I find stationary paper with gladiolas on them. Nothing complicated, just something simple please. Is there a website I could maybe print them from?? Thanks!:D
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    What would you have done? Preferably ladies only...sorry gents!

    What would you have done? Preferably ladies BUT gents can chime in...I guess Ok this all starts with my 2 best friends. One a guy-lets call him Steven, the other a girl-lets call her julia(haha!!). A month and a half ago, Steven I agreed that if by a certain age we would marry each other...
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    FAO DemoDicky

    Hey hey!! So what's in your bootleg list??? And the "Imperfect List" is only on Who Put The "M" in Manchester DVD right?? If so, I already have it, or will soon. Have my friend's copy at the mo. But let me know what u got!! Thanks....:)
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