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  1. ummagumma

    The Smiths discography [UK Rough Trade FLAC]

    Hi community, I've already had the smiths full discography (WEA germany ones and the japanese mini replicas 2006) but i've been told that the original UK rought trade cds are the best. I was wondering if someone has one, could please upload it in flac format for me? i want to rip it and then...
  2. ummagumma

    I Started Something I Couldn't Finish video

    Does it exist?
  3. ummagumma

    Maladjusted (Expanded Edition) For those poors sould outside the UK (like me) who can't buy the album simply because its was not edited (or imported) in their country. (i didn't upload it, im only posting a link that i found)
  4. ummagumma

    Skull Bsides

    Skull B - sides (Bootleg source) MP3, 192k VBR, Bootleg source. This Charming Man Best Friend On The Payroll I Keep Mine Hidden...
  5. ummagumma

    Morrissey will join the smiths for his 50th birthday

    Happy fool's day. :thumb:
  6. ummagumma

    Death of a disco dancer (Live)

    Here. very nice very nice very nice but maybe in the next world...:lbf:
  7. ummagumma

    U2 no line on the horizon official clips preview.
  8. ummagumma

    U2 - Get On Your Boots (Video)

    Here: I have removed the posts linking on request. update: who cares it's on you tube anyway. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen"...
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