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  1. ShynessIsNice

    Stockton show review

    What a great review! Yes, "Lucky Lisp" was such a delightful surprise and is one of my all-time faves. It was a good show despite all of the rowdiness of crazed drunken fans. The more and more the same people jumped on there, the more I got annoyed and knew that something was going to go awry...
  2. ShynessIsNice

    presale today!!????????

    I am having problems with the Chicago show as well. No luck. I guess I'll have to wait until Saturday. :(
  3. ShynessIsNice

    so who's got tickets?

    I've been trying and trying for Chicago and no luck. :confused: Pooey. Guess I'll have to wait until Saturday. *sigh* :(
  4. ShynessIsNice

    Massive American Tour Coming up

    I am soooo excited! This is great news indeed, although I may have to try and win a lottery or something to be able to afford a plethora of shows. At least I have been blessed enough to see him in Chicago and all 3 nights in Pasadena. It would be nice if he played here in Fresno again though...
  5. ShynessIsNice

    He teased us with 'I Keep My Hidden'

    That would've been so wonderful to see live. I was hoping and getting all excited. He should've done it anyway, in my opinion. :)
  6. ShynessIsNice

    THURSDAY NIGHT AFTERPARTY - Just Blocks from the Concert Venue

    Ah what a sweetie! It should be a nice gathering. :)
  7. ShynessIsNice

    THURSDAY NIGHT AFTERPARTY - Walking distance from the venue

    Awesome! I can't wait. I'll be attending with a couple of my friends. We have colorful hair, so are easy to spot. hehe (I have red bangs) ;)
  8. ShynessIsNice

    worst morrissey song?

    I gotta say Papa Jack as well. Awww... I love Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice. I always find myself singing that at work. hehe :)
  9. ShynessIsNice

    How old are you?

    28 and will be 29 this year. I've been listening to Morrissey and The Smiths since about the Meat Is Murder album. :)
  10. ShynessIsNice

    How old are you?

    Sure... and then NOT be in the know about things going on here. :p
  11. ShynessIsNice

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Head Over Heels by Tears For Fears
  12. ShynessIsNice

    Pasadena, are you up for a preparty????

    Maybe, maybe. Sounds cool. I'd love to meet fellow Morrissey fans. :)
  13. ShynessIsNice

    Where Are You Seating?

    I'll be sitting either to the left or right of you. That's if you're in the middle. hehe ;)
  14. ShynessIsNice

    why do americans like the smiths/morrissey?

    Thank-you. I totally agree with what you stated here. The passion stems from how you relate and interpret the songs to "you." His lyrics speak to me and speak for me when I have no words. No matter what nationality, we can all relate and that's why we are all here. :)
  15. ShynessIsNice

    Pasadena Roll Call

    I will be attending all 3 shows all Orchestra. Yay! I also attended the Chicago show. We went for MozLove's birthday. I'm just glad we don't have to fly out this time. Hope to meet some of you soon! :)
  16. ShynessIsNice

    Where is everyone coming from?

    haha Yes, but alas, I feel that I've missed out on quite a lot from not being able to see him often in the past. I saw him first in 2002 and not again until the Chicago show that just passed. I went to see him during the Inland Inasion tour in Los Angeles some years ago, but he fell ill. Now...
  17. ShynessIsNice

    Of Morrissey's 8 studio albums which has the best sleeve?

    I must agree that Viva Hate is second best to my first choice of Your Arsenal.
  18. ShynessIsNice

    Where is everyone coming from?

    Wow. How quickly this thread got off topic and anti-American after such an innocent question of "Where is Everyone Coming From?" Back to the topic... coming from Central California. ;) I'll be attending all 3 nights as well.
  19. ShynessIsNice

    Who's Going to the Chicago Show?

    It's getting closer! I'm flying out of California around 8am tomorrow. Planning on going to the after party at Neo Tuesday night as well. I'll be with my friend who has purple hair. You can't miss us! Eeek! I'm so stoked to see Moz soon!
  20. ShynessIsNice

    Who's Going to the Chicago Show?

    A friend of mine are flying in from Central California the day prior and I was wondering about cameras and what to wear. Thanks for all that posted the info concerning coats, sweaters, etc. Much appreciated. I am soooooooooo excited!!!!
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