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  1. zacksfansite

    Spring-Heeled Jim Guitar Pro

    I created this awhile back. I haven't worked on it since. Can anyone help me with this? It's close but I know it's wrong. It's based off tabs from Download the Guitar Pro file here:
  2. zacksfansite

    The Headmaster Ritual (Phil Brown Edit) remastered, well sorta

    I have used the remastered version of "The Headmaster Ritual" from the 2008 Singles Box to recreate the Phil Brown edit. Just another thing I did for fun. Could make a good substitute.
  3. zacksfansite

    Morrissey Guitar Pro tabs

    I haven't seen many out there. Can anybody direct me to some? I'm mainly looking for some Bong Drag / Your Arsenal era GP tabs but anything else would be nice as well.
  4. zacksfansite

    "Hand In Glove" from the Tokuma Japan edition of the "The Smiths" debut album.

    I'm requesting the alternative mix of Sandie Shaw's version of "Hand in Glove" from the Tokuma Japan edition of the "The Smiths" debut album. Would a kind soul please provide me this? I've searched, all the links are expired. I can't seem to find the UK Buzz #004 version of "How Soon Is Now"...
  5. zacksfansite

    You Must Please Remember (Edit)

    Despite the ethics... I've made an edit of You Must Please Remember similar to the Qonox remix. It's the same tempo as the original song though. I simply like the idea of the bridge taking the place as the beginning of the song. I'm not making a...
  6. zacksfansite

    Roy's Keen

    Could the line "Even when it's under your nose well, you just can't see it, can you?" be Morrissey mocking his own keen or wit in writing this song? As in you just don't get the keen wit in the silly lyrics (which would be a joke). Or am I just dumb? :lbf:
  7. zacksfansite

    Does anyone like Sonnets?

    No one cared to be honest...
  8. zacksfansite

    A rather silly question.

    Well, it's obvious that the reaction to YOR is bittersweet. From reading quite a bit of opinion on here, I was curious if some would bare a bit of mercy on everyone's favorite 30 minutes of quirkiness. Kill Uncle, Years of Refusal, or neither? I'd go with Years of Refusal all though I...
  9. zacksfansite

    Sister I'm a Poet

    So it is Stephen Street that plays bass on the track? I always thought it sounded like Andy.
  10. zacksfansite

    Barbarism Begins With Home (Another Edit)

    I made this just for the sole purpose of seeing how good the outcome would sound. I'm testing out Acid Music 5.0 The outcome was great. I'm not for butchering songs (even though you could say I butchered with this). This is just for anyone interested, if there is any. This edits the song...
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