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  1. Still Tired

    The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 158: SOME GIRLS ARE BIGGER THAN OTHERS

    Brilliant, I'm totally in love with this song. I just love how seriously and mournfully Morrissey sings it... so good! Although I've only ever received strange looks from other people when I've tried to get them to appreciate it as much as I do... can't think why :D
  2. Still Tired

    Look what i've got.....

    Aw I’m so glad you like them Pam, I hope you get enjoyment out of wearing them and that they last quite a few washes! I had fun making them :) I’d be more than happy to make shirts for anyone who’s interested, any colour/ quote/ design etc… feel free to PM me, I’d be happy to hear from you.
  3. Still Tired

    The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 110: MALADJUSTED

    I gave it a 9, it's grown on me a lot over time, I really wasn't that taken with it for a while until I really started listening to the lyrics. It's like a little epic that takes you on a journey and it just strikes me as being a very personal song from Morrissey which makes me treasure it even...
  4. Still Tired

    my love life lyrics about the smiths????????

    I always quite liked the idea that the song may be referring to a person who is actually in love with themselves and that there is no other person- they're just so self-involved that they don't notice this admiration from afar. Once again, another seemingly simple set of lyrics can be...
  5. Still Tired

    ANOTHER Guardian article, and another Q article

    I really enjoyed reading that extract, very amusing. I particularly like this bit: "I am sat here on my bed watching a documentary about penguins. Sound down. Smiths on. How Soon Is Now? My song. I wish I could say I wrote it. But it's Morrissey. It could have been me, though, because it's...
  6. Still Tired

    Which of the 3 new songs do you like best?

    Same order for me too. I love 'Wrap My Arms Around Paris', it's a beautiful melody and such sad words. I have to say though, I'm really liking all three songs, I'm getting excited at what the next album will be like :)
  7. Still Tired

    Morrissey's Age

    I'm the same- another new younger fan and I only discovered him through my own persistence in tracking down information about him, it's almost like some private club for those 'in the know'! But that's quite nice I think, although I don't want him all to myself or anything daft like that, there...
  8. Still Tired

    Moz's Ring

    He used to wear a ring on his wedding finger back in 83/ 84, but it's not consistent, he changes fingers/ hands... so I really don't buy into the idea of it meaning anything official. Somehow I can't imagine it happening either (marriage that is), or that that's where he would believe he could...
  9. Still Tired

    The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 81: I WANT THE ONE I CAN'T HAVE

    A great song, I gave it a 9. I'm sure there aren't many people out there who can't relate to the lyrics either, 'and it's driving me mad...'
  10. Still Tired

    The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 73: I JUST WANT TO SEE THE BOY HAPPY

    I've tried to like this song, I really have but I just can't.... I don't like the words, the music or the way he sings it :(
  11. Still Tired

    Kele Okereke and Patrick Wolf criticise Moz's Canadian boycott.

    I agree, I love the darker stuff too. I listen to Wind in the Wires a lot, I just never seem to grow tired of it. I love the kind of eerie atmosphere to it and the way the songs progress through the different moods of the album, I can perfectly imagine him in Cornwall writing it all, he captured...
  12. Still Tired

    Kele Okereke and Patrick Wolf criticise Moz's Canadian boycott.

    I agree :) I'm loving Patrick at the moment, I just added Lycanthropy to my collection and haven't stopped playing it for the past week, such gorgeous music and such an interesting and amusing guy. I was pretty pleased to read that quote too, I'm glad he's come to his senses concering Moz!
  13. Still Tired

    The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 72: I HAVE FORGIVEN JESUS

    Brilliant. One of the first songs of his I heard that made me sit down and listen closer, his voice is just beautiful on it too.
  14. Still Tired

    This site!

    I only ever read the actual news items posted on the front page and don’t bother reading the comments because half I can’t even particularly understand (is there a huge cultural difference or something?!), and some are just disgusting or abusive for absolutely no reason. I’d love to know who on...
  15. Still Tired

    Morrissey songs that make you HAPPY

    These make me happy/ smile in different ways: Whatever Happens, I love You and Jack The Ripper because they’re just such beautiful songs with such passionate lyrics which does it for me. Then there’s Hairdresser On Fire and Let The Right One Slip In which just have fantastically amusing...
  16. Still Tired

    Say something nice about Morrissey

    I like the way he’s had the same hair style for the past 25 years. I like the way he rejected the fashions of the eighties and created his own image- you can't get much better than flowery maternity blouses and plastic beads... I wonder why it never caught on... I love his absolute honesty...
  17. Still Tired

    The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 57: HANDSOME DEVIL

    I love it, the lyrics never fail to make me smile. I actually read about it before I ever heard it and I had to rush out to find a copy to believe someone really wrote songs like that!
  18. Still Tired

    Post your Morrissey artwork here

    Ah thank you so much, very kind :) One day if I ever organise myself properly I might make a few like you say, with special discount to moz-solo members of course!
  19. Still Tired

    Where would you be if you hadn't discovered Morrissey?

    I'm sure I might have spent the past year rather more constructively... or conventionally at least. Which is a good thing or a bad thing, I'm not sure. Reading the interviews/ listening to the Smiths albums in particular really made me think about life and the way I wanted to live it which may...
  20. Still Tired

    5 MOZ songs you'd have at your wedding

    It'd be great to have the first dance to 'I Know It's Over'- surely the perfect way to mourn the end of it all. Yeah, not too optimistic on the whole marriage thing ;)
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