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  1. dcn

    The Smiths - Unreleased Demos & Instrumentals [Bootleg Vinyl Rip]

    Whilst I agree in general with the sentiment, I don't believe it's really the same as having an unfinished painting in regards to many of the tracks. It's clear that some of these tracks are really different versions and not just unfinished works. It's more like if you saw a picture of the...
  2. dcn

    The Wonder Stuff Wonderstuff thread

    They have since re-recorded Groove Machine and Hup!. Very similar but some tracks have a different pace and/or sound. Good stuff. They are one of my top 5 (maybe 3) fave bands.
  3. dcn everyday bundle pre order

    Be happy you lot got yours at all. I'm still feckin' waiting :) Hopefully, they sent all the "skippers" to you all and mine will be pristine! Ok, that's just spiteful. i take it back. Actually, the signed print will be a bonus and I'll appreciate it but no biggie if I don't get one. I've...
  4. dcn

    Songs about cats

    "13 Cats" by 13 Cats (featuring Boz's bandmate Tim from The Polecats)
  5. dcn

    Renaud Monfourny

    I absolutely love the pic on the back of the single. Wasn't aware I'd been exposed to his work before. Thanks.
  6. dcn

    Peepholism for sale (ebay)

    Did I miss something? Starting bid shows 30 pounds not 50. Was there an edit? Either way, it's not a horrible price.
  7. dcn

    Morrissey's stomach surgery?

    Re: Morrissey's stomach surgery??? There's a liner note on one of the records that references this. Something like "scar courtesy Davyhulme Hospital". Maybe not the exact remark but similar. I forget the record... Your Arsenal cover perhaps?
  8. dcn

    Suede to release comprehensive “Best of” compilation

    As for the arguing, I agree ;) I actually, love This Hollywood Life. Personal preference, I suppose.
  9. dcn

    Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

    That back cover photo is absolutely wonderful. Thanks for posting.
  10. dcn

    Love Music Hate Racism on Morrissey

    I wonder if the term "sub-species" was somehow used to refer to the Royals during the infamous fox hunting days how LMHR would spin this into racial connotation. The more this goes on, the more I can't help but believe they are merely using this as a means to garner media exposure for their...
  11. dcn

    Singles box on sale on Amazon UK

    Damn, I just picked this up here in the US for $30-somethin' and thought I was getting a fair deal. Great deal!
  12. dcn

    How fairly do you think the Guardian handled "subspecies-gate"

    Tracy, no need to backpedal. You were spot on with your original assessment noted above. Anyone that reads into that comment any sort of racism is looking for it. Tracy, you, I and a multitude of others realize he didn't mean every single Chinese person. It's a tad disingenuous to suggest...
  13. dcn

    with Morrissey fans supporting Morrissey's racist remarks...

    There's nothing to understand as it wasn't racist. Had he stated his comments to be towards every single Chinese then yes. But as he didn't, it was rather clear what he meant. It surely says more about the people that say it is a racist comment than the comment itself does. Those that want to...
  14. dcn

    Morrissey is NOT racist

    This is absolutely spot on.
  15. dcn

    Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

    Yeah, that's a bit disappointing. It'll be nice to hear the edit but I'm pretty certain I'll prefer the original. How's that for keeping an open mind? Ha!
  16. dcn

    Live at the Hollywood Bowl DVD

    Thanks :) I don't absolutely dislike the original but I'm certainly not in love with it, either.
  17. dcn

    Live at the Hollywood Bowl DVD

    I, too would love to see the full show. Nothing else much to add other than messing around a bit with one of my photos...
  18. dcn

    PiL definitely to record new material... if they get enough (advance) money!

    I won't claim to know the history behind their recording but I certainly look forward to hearing new stuff. I'd be surprised if it isn't at the very least decent.
  19. dcn

    Ooh, it's been redesigned -

    Although not perfect, I do like it as well.
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