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  1. Pelayo

    CALIFORNIA SON’ NUMBER 1 - Morrissey Central

    You, people who are complaining about Morrissey's sales... Do you really think someone would buy 1901 your amount of shit? Start doing something with your life and let the successful ones enjoy their success.
  2. Pelayo

    "Bigmouth strikes again and again: why Morrissey fans feel so betrayed" by Tim Jonze - The Guardian

    .Why people put so much effort in destroy Moz career when there's real problems out there and they do nothing. Stop the lies, don't believe whatever people say about Moz. Where's a video showing what Moz said? Press used this same tactic in the past. You only see what your eyes want to see. The...
  3. Pelayo

    The timeless voice of these hopeless time

    Thanks! Amazing song by the way.
  4. Pelayo

    What songs should Morrissey cover next?

    After hearing California Son I can't stop thinking about how my favourite songs would sound in Morrissey's voice. He should cover Smalltown Boy, one of my favourite songs. What are your suggestions?
  5. Pelayo

    Morrissey Strikes Back: The Pin Is Mightier Than The Sword - Travis LeBlanc /

    Stop using Morrissey as a way to publicize your disgusting ideas about the world. He is not part of any political party.
  6. Pelayo

    ‘California Son’ is Morrissey’s best album since ‘You Are the Quarry’

    I don't think his new album is better than World Peace Is None of Your Business or Low in High School but I like it more than Years of Refusal or Ringleader of the Tormentors.
  7. Pelayo

    “Smile. No one cares how you feel.”

    “Smile. No one cares how you feel.”
  8. Pelayo

    The timeless voice of these hopeless time

    First of all I would like to address that english is not my mother tongue so pardon me. But in terms of common sense there is only one language. Time and time again I read through this page posts about people with tiny brains talking shit about Morrissey. I think this page was created to...
  9. Pelayo

    Black Pigeon Speaks - Morrissey: The Hero We Don't Deserve, But Need Right Now

    Am I wrong or this is a Morrissey fan page? So why the f*** we are giving credit to some stupid YouTubers. YouTube is the evolution of TV. Open eyes. There are bigger issues to discuss than trying to defend Moz for something that is not even true. I don't care for the opinion of a "alt-right"...
  10. Pelayo

    Rank the 4 Smiths studio albums

    1. Meat Is Murder 2. The Queen Is Dead 3. Strangeways, Here We Come 4. The Smiths (Hatful of Hollow has better versions of the first album songs and some awesome additions)
  11. Pelayo

    To Mersey Rail and THAT Record Store by Fiona Dodwell - Tremr

    "In my life Why do I give valuable time To people who don't care if I live or die?" A true Morrissey fan would never believe what the media says. Think for yourselves. "Stop watching the news Because the news contrives to frighten you"
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