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    Morrissey's chat up lines

    "Stop me if you think you've heard this one before, but..."
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    Question to Swedish fans about the latest single

    Did "I Just Want to See the Boy Happy" get a release in Sweden? I've checked Ginza and similar sites but haven't found it. Does anyone know a record shop in Stockholm where I can find it? Any help much appreciated.
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    Hovet, Sweeden 02 April 06 (Video)

    Sweden is the country, to be correct. :) Is this the entire show or is it just the short clips that were up here not too long ago?
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    Hultsfred Sweeden 6-19-04

    Is anyone else having trouble downloading this? I've tried a couple of times now but the download is maddeningly slow. It says it will take up to 30 hours!!! A file of this size normally takes about 20 minutes for me to download and I've never had trouble with Megaupload before. Hope someone can...
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    A Must! (I Spy [Live on Jools Holland] by Pulp)

    Hmmm, I don't have any Vauxhall demos. My irony detector might be a bit rusty here, but if you have said demos could you please upload them?
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    Bootleg By Request

    I'd be very grateful for Hultsfred, Sweden, 2004.
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    Axl Rose Rehearsing for London Morrissey date

    That is... disturbing. I have only read one comment on Axl by Moz and of course it was everything but favourable. It's all in Axl's mind, I presume. Just like when he went around with a Nirvana cap in denial of the fact that Kurt hated him. The Gunners' first album is a classic, though.
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    Would you sleep with Morrissey?

    "Anal", my arse! What about the option: Yes...I am an asexual man. :)
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    2nd Karlstag Gig

    Great news! Do you think you will be able to record and upload it, Chartres?
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    Looking for a couple of Suede b-sides

    Davide: Thanks for the offer, but I don't use Soulseek. H Rage: Thank you so much for the upload! soundofthenorth: Thanks for the link! I found a lot of interesting stuff there.
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    Why do people moan and get agressive about ebay sales?

    Where is it legal? It certainly isn't legal in Sweden where I live.
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    Looking for a couple of Suede b-sides

    Does anyone have This World Needs a Father and Eno's Introducing the Band, both of which are b-sides from The Wild Ones? Would be much appreciated! Thanks!
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    "Please excuse my ignorance"

    Yes, that is of course the most famous Hector, the Troyan war hero. I think that reference is intended, even if it's just one among others. You can't really use the name Hector in a lyric without raking up all of that dust from antiquity and of course Morrissey is very much aware of this.
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    Best Morrissey Song Ever, Final!

    Late night on Maudlin Street, Jack the Ripper was lost... Looks like Everyday is like Sunday will win, though. Bit of an anti-climax, really. It's too obvious.
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    Favourite Smiths/ Moz related film?

    Yeah, it's often thought of as a reference to that film title. I don't know if this has ever been confirmed by Moz himself, though. But I believe the film would appeal to Morrissey at any rate, intended reference or not.
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    Favourite Smiths/ Moz related film?

    Why? What about it? I haven't seen it but have read the novel. My favourite is probably The Collector. Nil by Mouth is also an excellent film.
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    Do you agree with the following statement?

    Jesus! I never thought this would turn into such a fierce argument. All I intended with my post was to suggest why so many reviewers made such a big fuss about the sexual content on ROTT, a fact you evidently found very surprising and laughable. Like I said, I partly share those sentiments about...
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    Do you agree with the following statement?

    Simply because the references in the songs are easy to relate to his personal life, as it is presented by him in interviews etc, and because the overall impression is one of personal experience, at least in my ears. The contents of a song like "At Last I am Born", for instance, bears strong...
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    Misheard lyrics...

    I used to believe that "oh, give a..." at the end of My Love Life was "I give up", which I really think would be better. And in Southpaw I used to think it was "the girl of your dreams/was here all along" when he really sings " is here all alone". Again I prefer my misheard version to the...
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