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    Steve Wright "Hang The DJ" Tshirt

    Can anyone give me an idea of where I can pick this up? Any help would be appreciated
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    Southpaw Grammar/Maladjusted reissues

    The Morrissey Reissues... Im confused. Are these UK exclusives/imports for the rest of us? Sorry if this has already been addressed
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    Need help finding a Moz/Smiths site

    Thats the one...thank you so much
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    Need help finding a Moz/Smiths site

    I used to have a Moz page saved but then my internet browser went nuts and deleted all my saved info. The person who runs the site had scanned in the covers of every Moz and Smiths records and single at a very high quality. Does anyone know what Im referring to? Help please Thank you in advance
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    Hey everybody

    Been a while since Ive posted...just wanted to say hi. :) Whats everyone been up to? Im finishing up yet another semester and listening to loads of the Mozzer
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    Quicksand cover of "How Soon Is Now"

    This is my school...I miss the 90s
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    WHats the link to the Morrissey/Smiths site...

    yesssssssssssss. Thank you so much. Thanks everyone else for helping.
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    WHats the link to the Morrissey/Smiths site...

    that had loads of links for live shows? It was a Spanish page. All my saved links were erased.
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    Did Mozzer play "Sunny" on this past tour?

    Okay, thanks for the heads up. Whats your username on B9?
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    Moz shirts on sale at $19.99 instead of $35

    Why are the UK designs so much better than the American designs? Grrrrrrrrrrrrr
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    Did Mozzer play "Sunny" on this past tour?

    Because of financial problems I was unable to see him this time around, but I was wondering if he played Sunny on this tour? Anyone?
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    PIX: Morrissey Still Ill In Miami, But Fans Still Rocking

    Serious bumout about my Hurricanes. I wasnt able to watch the game but from the turnout, Im glad I didnt. Sad day...
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    Seems Miami is Cancelled and Mozza is sick

    Bummed about Miami...but at least I wasnt home to have it canceled. How was the setlist in Atlanta? Im in Tallahassee so I was gonna go but money prevented me from going
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    Looking for this Morrissey shirt

    come on people...I cant afford the shipping from Europe right now.
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    Morrissey Hair Thread

    This is about 6 years I miss it
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    Your Morrissey Dream Setlist

    Okay lets keep it at 20 total...Im thinking 15 originals, 5 Smiths songs. Or 20 originals if you get the idea Originals: Suedehead Youre The One For Me, Fatty Interesting Drug Certain People I Know Everyday is Like Sunday I Dont Mind If You Forget Me Now My Heart Is Full...
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    Interesting Drug 10-28-2007 (Hammestein, New York)

    Just saw that...thank you for the quick response
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