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  1. Still Tired

    Morrissey's roots

    I had the chance to wander around Stretford yesterday which was a vaguely surreal experience somehow. It was just so strange to be in a place so loaded with meaning- so special in some weird way and yet the streets are pretty much like anywhere else in Lancashire and the locals seemed horribly...
  2. Still Tired

    The Birdie Song Vs. How Soon Is Now?

    I just happened to flick to radio two late last night and caught ‘How Soon Is Now?’ which amazed me to start with, the first time I’ve ever actually caught a Smiths/ Moz song by chance on the radio, and I did wonder for a short time if they were just doing a thing about eighties bands or...
  3. Still Tired

    The first time: expectations/ surprises/ disappointments?

    So the 22nd was my first time of seeing Morrissey and without realising it I’d formed pre-conceived idea of how the whole evening was going to be- of what he’d look like, what he’d say etc. So these are just some of my general/ random observations: • His stage presence is just incredible, I...
  4. Still Tired

    The Definitive lyric? Live Vs Studio

    I love listening to recordings of concerts to see what lyric changes Morrissey makes in his songs, but that got me thinking- which version is the definitive one?! I mean, sometimes one word change can alter the whole line/ slant of the song which is quite profound in how it can affect your...
  5. Still Tired

    Anyone see Andy Rourke on 'Transmission'?

    It doesn't seem to have been mentioned on here yet, but I was flicking channels on Friday night and happened to get to channel 4 just as they were introducing an item of Andy Rouke going on a tour of the streets of Manchester. It was only a short piece of him kinda wondering around the usual...
  6. Still Tired

    Re-living the Smiths

    I’m pretty new to Morrissey having only bought my first Smiths album back in February and it’s pretty scary to look at how big my collection has grown since then, (I’m guessing that’s not what a student loan is really for!) Anyway, I had pretty little knowledge of the Smiths, I was a lot more...
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