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  1. dcn

    looking for Suede "Introducing..."(Eno version)

    Anyone kind enough to have in their possession a copy of Introducing The Band (Eno version) and willing to up it somewhere? I'd be much obliged. Thankee :-)
  2. dcn

    "Made in Germany" sticker on import here in US

    Was in Borders here in the US yesterday and spotted YOR, the deluxe version. I flipped it over and saw it had a Made In Germany sticker on the back. Was this truly a German import or is it a UK import that just happened to be produced in Germany? If they are different, what are the differences...
  3. dcn

    Band members during the Hollywood Bowl show?

    Moz, Boz, Jesse, Matt, Solomon, Mike? My apologies, as I should know this. Thnx.
  4. dcn

    "...Skull" -Vocals are outstanding on this track, especially

    I can't get over how great the vocals are on the track. I've always thought Morrissey's vocals have long been under-appreciated. The value I place on his lyrics are at the top of the list for me but I really appreciate the extra effort he has seemed to be putting forth as his career progresses...
  5. dcn

    What's up with the "Yes on 8" ads on the site?

    I realize David is probably more than willing to take $$$ from anyone willing to help support the site and doesn't want to come off as censoring people by banning certain ads. That said, I'm really surprised to see the "Protect Marriage" rubbish being floated around on the site. It just...
  6. dcn

    Looking for Spin d/l (pre-Gene stuff)

    Anyone have available for download anything by Spin (pre-Gene band members)? Many thanks in advance.
  7. dcn

    Approximate estimated value for "November.." promo 12"?

    The UK one in the plain colored sleeve with the cutout window... Looks to be in M- condition. Any input on the value welcomed. Thanks! Also, are the lot of these issued promos all worth about as much as the others or are some more valuable than others. TA.
  8. dcn

    Going Rate on Moz/Smiths 24trk promo?

    Curious if anyone has purchased this item recently. It's the 2 cd promo called "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" and it uses the same pic as the Irish Blood single, I think. I also believe it comes in the card sleeves. Just looking for a ballpark on it. Thanks.
  9. dcn

    Pic of Boz's machine gun guitar anyone?

    Does anyone have a nice clear pic of Boz's guitar that was shaped like a machine gun? It was used in past tours (I think for at least the song FOTGTD). Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  10. dcn

    question about Good Looking Man... live

    Was Good Looking Man About Town played at all live prior to the L.A. show on the 9th? I'm writing an article and want to make sure I have the facts straight on this. Much appreciated. Thankee!
  11. dcn

    Morrissey "Meat and Greet" on

    Anyone have an account and/or access to the story? Stumbled upon this this morning and was just curious about the details and if it was something new... "Morrissey Meat & Greet Tuesday, Jun 12, 2007 2:25AM Morrissey reportedly wasn't too thrilled after being booked somewhere that was...
  12. dcn

    Red Light'ning song sounds like ...

    Have iTunes set to shuffle and the beginning of "I Miss You" by RL came on. At first I thought it was a cover of Everyday Is Like Sunday and I just wasn't familiar with it. I had to look to see which band it was. Not saying it's a ripoff in anyway. Just found it amusing that it sounded so...
  13. dcn

    Value of the Westwood One live cd's?

    Just curious if these are of significant worth. Wasn't sure of how many were in circulation. I realize they are not official record company product and have since surfaced on bootlegs. Is one set more desirable than the other? What are the originals worth...anyone? Thanks :)
  14. dcn

    New b-sides on iTunes UK now

    Didn't see the info posted here yet so I thought I'd mention that the new single(s) are up on iTunes UK. has all the b-sides from the various formats, I believe. The curse of it is I'm in the US and can't access them for download :-( Enjoy! (awww hell. I see someone else did post it already...
  15. dcn

    Moz/Smiths song title to use in political tv commentary?

    Good friend of mine does political commentary for local NBC affiliate. "We" took a shot with "Is it Really So Strange?" in the past and are now looking for appropriate suggestions for him to slip into his commentary during the broadcast. I've thrown some stuff at him but it can't be "Life is a...
  16. dcn

    What'd the Moz Vespa end up looking like?

    Anyone see it or pics of it? Just curious what made it "custom". I recall someone posting here that they won it and were trying to sell it. Would like to see pics. Thanks.
  17. dcn

    Request: Santa Barbara '97 Arlington (video)

    Posted before asking for this and it doesn't seem to exist. Thought I'd try again since a couple of other S.B. shows are posted in audio form. If anyone can provide video of the show requested, it'd be much appreciated. Would consider paying if need be. Thanks!
  18. dcn

    Anyone order and recieve items from UK Moz store?

    I saw some posts in the past here about people that ordered Moz merchandise from the UK store (the one with the cuff links, keychain, etc.) and was wondering if they ever received any of the stuff and what they thought of it. If you don't mind sharing your experiences, it'd be appreciated. Thanks!
  19. dcn

    WTB: How Soon Is Now promo cd single (Earls Court)

    Looking for the 1 track promo cd single from the Live release. If anyone has one they'd like to sell or knows where I can get it, please drop me a PM. Thanks!
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