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  1. Hotplatters

    Sealed green LIHS, promo poster & magazines

    HI, got a few bits to sell. Low in High School sealed £10 Couple of magazines £3 Original Maladjusted promo poster (47x47cm) £25 Shipping extra DM me if interested.
  2. Hotplatters

    Moz T-shirts and posters for sale

    I have a few things I'm letting go: T-shirts (all size L) • TOUR T-SHIRT for World Peace Is None of Your Business 2014 (as new - never worn) • Black 'Kick' T-shirt (as new - never worn) Posters • Huge Autobiography Poster UK (47" x 23") as new • Record Store Promo Poster for "Low In High...
  3. Hotplatters

    Low In High School Slipmat

    I got a bit over-excited at the Camden MPorium and bought this slipmat without actually needing it. Happy to sell for what I paid for it (£10) plus shipping. UK only I'm afraid.
  4. Hotplatters

    I feel sorry for the variant collectors...

    ... this new album is going to be a strain on the credit card. How many different versions??
  5. Hotplatters

    Hello from London (and the slate grey Victorian skies)

    Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. I'm a lifelong Smiths and Morrissey fan and have followed both since the 80's. Used to work on a record stall, so big collection of the above which my kids hate - (ha, more fool them!). Still collecting... never ends. Live in North London and...
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