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  1. newman

    Download Updates

    Oh my God, THANKS!
  2. newman

    Megaupload closed.

    Bulls**t, FBI can do it only in US. Megaupload was from US. Better question for us: Drifter, what about the stuff from your site?
  3. newman

    Morrissey in Poland (July 2011)

    Warsaw. This is Stodola Club, for 1000 people, I think. And, if you're never been to Krakow, that you should to be. Old town is from -15-16th century, the oldest part, and it's really lovely :) Krakow, Studio (smaller than Stodola):
  4. newman

    Who co-wrote the 3 new songs?

    Boz wrote Action and Kid's, Jesse wrote People. These are Boorer's words (via facebook)
  5. newman

    Who co-wrote the 3 new songs?

    BB wrote two (Kid's for sure), Jesse 1.
  6. newman

    'Safe, Warm Lancashire Home' and 'Treat Me Like A Human Being' vinyl rips

    Re: 'Safe, Warm Lancashire Home' and 'Treat Me Like A Human Being' vinyl rips. Thank You Thank You Thank You! You made my day after a sad news about Bryan Ferry's tour..
  7. newman

    Happy Birthday, Morrissey!

    There will be a special two hours with Morrissey music in Polish Radio Station - Studenckie Radio Zak, on 5 P.M. (GMT + 01:00), you can listen to via website: link to broadcast unhappy, there will be in polish only - but we want to play...
  8. newman

    Req: Intermission music 1991

    link is dead, anybody can reupload please?
  9. newman

    Something is Squeezing My Skull on Ebay now

    no any new tracks? :(
  10. newman

    2009/03/13: The National, Richmond, VA, US

    I've just listened this. Thanks!! But...where is a trumpet in Let Me Kiss You? :(
  11. newman

    07.07.2009 Poland, Warsaw

    Yes!! Yes!!! It's confirmed! At last, First time ever in Poland, at club Palladium. Maybe scarf which I've thrown on stage in Berlin gig (December '06) helped for this? :D;)
  12. newman

    Morrissey at O2 Wireless

    Re: Shit media player at XFM Thanks!!!
  13. newman

    My Dearest Love :)

    Can anybody upload this song on sendspace, please?
  14. newman

    Unhappy Birthday Party, Poland, Lodz, 22.05.2008

    It is a first time (espiecially for the birthday) and I hope, not last ;) Msybe next gig will be in September.
  15. newman

    Unhappy Birthday Party, Poland, Lodz, 22.05.2008

    Unhappy Birthday Party (dedicated to Morrissey & The Smiths) The saddest day in the year. Morrissey's birthday. Let's celebrate it together. Together with the Smiths' music, with Morrissey's works on his own and things that inspired him through all these years. We will also listen to music...
  16. newman

    Morrissey intermission music 1991

    Could someone please upload this one again?
  17. newman

    Morrissey intermission music 1991

    All links with intermission music (from first page) are dead... anybody can re-upload, please, please? ;)
  18. newman

    Let Me Kiss You cover by Cliche :-)

    Someone important for me gave me wonderful Christmas present - Morrissey's cover "Let me kiss you" (It's my favourite Mozzer's song). It was made especially for me :-) You can find it here: ;)
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